NSP Program

The Neighborhood Stabilization Program is a live and well. There are a few homes available in St. Paul and some more on the way.  Homes are rehabilitated through this program and then resold. They don’t just slap a coat of paint on them either. They are brought up to code and energy efficient improvements are added. It is like getting a new house for the price of an old one.

In each of the last two years I have represented of buyers who have purchased these homes. They living happily ever after in the Dayton’s Bluff neighborhood. The program is a little more complicated than a straight purchase because there are income limits and there is usually some assistance money available to help with closing costs.

The picture is of a home on Maria Avenue that is in the process f being renovated and will be sold to some lucky buyer.




Brewery is now apartments for artists

schmidt brewery

Schmidt Brewery Artists Lofts

Even with my wide angle lens I could not get it all in. The renovation of the Schmidt Brewery is in it’s final stages and many of the apartments are occupied. There are income limits and rents starting at $844 a month for a one bedroom.  There are 247 live/work rental units in the complex. See the Schmidt artists lofts web site for details.

This is a unique project and an exciting one. We don’t always have a way to save historic buildings and this one is a treasure.

I have written a few articles about this over the years. 

Friday fun

Nothing else matters

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. Spring is finally here and after the winter with all the snow and the polar vortexes the warmer weather is more welcome than ever. In fact it has been really hard to concentrate.

here are a couple of photos I took this week with my phone. They were processed using an iPad app called “waterlogue” I did get out with my camera and take a bunch of photos too. Photography is a lot more fun this time of year than it is in the winter.



These Crocus are the first flowers to bloom in my yard each spring. I watch for them so I don’t miss it.



Was nice to ride my bike to CoCoMSP on Monday. Much more fun than walking or driving.


Old city new house


New House

There is room for new construction in the older neighborhoods of St. Paul. This home is being constructed in the Mac Groveland neighborhood. There are those who seem to be apposed to anything new. There is already a variety of homes in the city that were built during different periods and they represent many styles. Part of what makes living here so wonderful is that it is hard to find two homes that are the same.

This one fits in with the character of the neighborhood and it is nice to see a new home being built.

First Time Home Buyers

Afraid of snakes?

Garter_SnakeI know I am on a roll this week writing about icky stuff but there are people who are deathly afraid of snakes.

Several years ago I sold a home in St. Paul in the west 7th area. The neighborhood is near the river and there are areas where there is a lot of limestone right under the soil. The stone makes the soil warmer and garter snakes just love the warmth.

The snakes don’t bark and they don’t bite. They are not poisonous and they won’t at your food or your house. They eat insects and sometimes lie in the sun on a sidewalk or against the foundation of your home. They can not climb steps or walls to get into a home but they can fall in through a basement window.

The home buyer purchased the home in the winter and discovered the snakes in the spring and could not live in the house. She complained that they were not mentioned on the sellers disclosure but neither were the mosquitoes, bees, bats, birds or crickets that live on the property. There is a section on the sellers disclosure that asks if there is anything that the seller knows of that could diminish a reasonable persons enjoyment of the property and the buyer really thought the sellers should have mentioned snakes.

She ended up having to sell the home because she could not live in it. It is likely that there are a small group of people who could not live in a house if there were garter snakes on the property. You know who you are and you need to let your agent know. Try to stay away from the rocky areas near river bluffs and don’t buy the house when the ground is still frozen.

People who have allergies or fears should take that into consideration when house hunting and do a little extra research.

For Home buyers

Minnesota termites

Mudtubes_1 Many states require termite inspections before real estate can change hands.  None are required in Minnesota because there are no termites here.   That is why I was astounded a few years ago when I sold a home that was infested with termites.  The buyer had an inspection and we all saw the mud tubes, but since none of us had ever seen a termite or a mud tube it just did not register.

When an exterminator later informed my buyer that the home had termites no one believed it.  We were told over and over that there are no termites in Minnesota, maybe in Southern Minnesota but not here in St. Paul, we are just too far north.  I later learned that there have been cases of termites in homes on the East side of St. Paul near 35 E,  and there have been a couple of cases in South St. Paul.

I now know what to look for and can at least spot the obvious signs of termites.  The type of termites that live here are call subterranean termites.  They use mud tubes to travel from one place to another.  The picture above shows what a mud tube looks like.  They don’t like light and the mud tubes keep them in the dark.

It isn’t a bad idea for Minnesota home buyers to at least have some awareness of what termite damage, termites and mud tubes look like.

Learn more about termites


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