Friday fun

Super fake moon

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. I have never managed to get a decent photograph with the moon in it so when there is a “super moon” I fake a super moon shot. I pick a photograph and put a picture of a moon in it. Sometimes the photos look realistic and other times they do not. I have one photo where the moon is actually inside a room and another where it is over the Mississippi in a place where it looks good but would never be.

Once someone wanted to buy one of my super moon pictures. I sold it but I let the buyer know that the photo was actually a “digital remix” taken on a moonless night.  This is my 2014 super moon picture.

super moon

Super Moon 2014


For Boomers

shades of beige

There are a ridiculous number of shades of beige.  Beige is my go to color when I need to choose paint to spruce up a home before selling it. the wonderful thing about beige is that it goes with most people’s stuff and it is easy to find carpet, tile or linoleum that looks good with it.  I don’t like to have every room painted the same shade of beige. In rooms with less light I use lighter shades and sometimes use a darker shade as an accent.

Beige isn’t as boring as white and it never goes out of style.  This years trendy colors are next years decorating disaster but beige is here to stay. Often builders use shades of beige and even brown in model homes. In fact sometimes we call various shades of beige builders beige or Realtors® beige.

If you don’t know which colors to choose for your own home or for a home you need to sell choose beige and consider hiring a professional painter. A perfect paint job will improve the resale value of any home new or old and grandma’s house too.




For Home Sellers

Motivated Buyers – in Summer and Fall

Sometimes people are afraid to put their homes on the market in the late summer or early fall. There are always home buyers who are in a hurry to buy a home so that they can move before the weather turns. Don’t rule out the months of August, September or October as a good time to put your home on the market.




Free advice from a Realtor®

realtor_r_blueIt happens all the time. Home sellers and buyers who are under contract with a real estate agent want a second opinion so they call or email another agent. It is easy to second guess another agent but I won’t do it. I don’t know the whole story and I am not comfortable judging someone else. There are all sorts of situations where people want free advice . . . because it is free.

People who are having trouble with a real estate agent should talk to that agent. If the agent isn’t doing his or her job as outlined in the buyers or sellers contracts buyers or sellers can ask the agent to cancel the contract.

If that doesn’t work or isn’t an option the next step is to call the real estate company and ask to talk to the broker. Real estate agents work under real estate brokers and the broker is responsible for the agents actions.

If the agent is a Realtor® (Member of the national association of Realtors) and have done something unethical consumers can file an ethics complaint through the Minnesota Association of Realtors. There is a code of ethics and the specific article that was violated needs to be stated in the complaint.

Local Market Conditions & home prices

July Home prices by neighborhood

It is always nice to start the week out with some number and these numbers came from data in the NorthstarMLS which is deemed reliable but not guaranteed and includes most of the home sale data for St. Paul, Minnesota. The numbers in the table below represent the sales of single family hones including condos and townhouses within the city limits of St. Paul Minnesota for the Month of July 2014.

July numbers are not bad. A small decrease in sales and in new listings from June numbers but that is very typical. The median home price remained at 158,500 and there was a modest increase in the average sale price. The inventory of homes on the market is still low but growing a little each month.

Home prices

July 2014 – home sale numbers

Some homes sell in just a few days. Just give me a three bedroom, two bath home in Highland park with a two car garage that is in good shape and properly priced and presented and I’ll sell it in a few days.

For more local real estate numbers please go to Local Market Conditions and Home Prices.



2011 the good old days

Home prices hit a low in St. Paul in 2009 and then after the tax federal tax credits expired in 2010 there was a new low that hit in 2011. During that time more than 30% of the homes on the market were in some stage of foreclosure and I swear at the time it seemed like we could not give the foreclosures away. It was a buyers market.

There were some smart investors who bought up foreclosures when no one else wanted them. They fixed the houses up all pretty and put them on the market and sat back and watched the bidding wars last year and this year too.

These days there are not many bank owned properties on the market, in fact I think there are 6 in St. Paul right now and maybe about 150 properties that we call distressed in that they are likely to become foreclosures.

Now that the economy is a bit better and unemployment rates are lower and home values have been going up there is a whole new interest in buying distressed property. There are some deals and some opportunities out there but the people who had the money and were willing to take the risk who bought when the market hit bottom are the people who came out ahead by buying foreclosures.

2011 were the good old days for buying foreclosures and now is a great time to re-sell them.


Infosparks 2

The numbers used to build these graphs are from the NorhstarMLS. The data is deemed reliable but not gauranteed.


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