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St. Paul Home Sales and Prices by Neighborhood

Happy Monday! It is a great day to look at some home sale numbers for St. Paul Minnesota for the month of August 2014. Home prices are up from July and the number of sales is down a little but it is a seasonal thing.  The numbers used to make the table came from the Northstar MLS and the data represents most of the home sales in St. Paul and is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

Real estate is local which is why I look at each neighborhood and in only one city.

Home sales by neighborhood

Home sales and prices by neighborhood for August 2014

The median home sale price for St. Paul in August was $174,900 which is up from $158,500 in July and the highest we have seen in these pars in a long time. The inventory of homes for sale is down slightly but that is normal. We generally see the greatest number of homes for sale during the spring months and the fewest at the end of the year.

For a look at last months numbers or even last years numbers check the Local Market Conditions & Home Prices category.

St. Paul MN

Getting ready for the Saint Paul Classic

Tomorrow is the 20th annual Saint Paul Bike Classic and you can still register tomorrow starting at 7:14 AM at St. Thomas University. (see the bike classic web site for details)

The classic isn’t a race it is just a ride around the city. There is a 15 mile ride, a 30 and a 45 mile ride. I will likely do a 40 mile ride if I ride to and from the event and take the 30 mile ride around the city.

What makes this event fun is the rest stops with live music and lots of food and water. If you have never been on the classic dust off your bike and  give it a try.

Como Rest stop 2013

Como Rest stop 2013

2013 T-shirt

2013 T-shirt

Friday fun

My two hour vacation

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. I did not get much time off this summer not even weekends or evenings. My business and my family kept me busy everyday. When Labor Day rolled around this week I figured I owed it to myself to at least go outside and enjoy the weather for the two hours of free time I had.

I went to Como Park where there were huge crowds of people but plenty of places to walk and a few places to park. :) The weather was about perfect and the gardens are always beautiful.


gateway-como park

Como conservatory
Como Conservatory

It wouldn’t be a vacation without pictures to share.

For Boomers

Two much stuff

boxesI still have too much stuff even though I have been on a mission to have less stuff. When I meet with people who are trying to move or to downsize they are often stressed out about how much stuff they have and what to do with it all.

If I could turn back the clock 20 years I would be more careful about what I purchase and I would think about getting rid of something before brining something new into the house.

Relatives have given me stuff that I don’t want and should have said no to. I recently acquired a bunch of stuff while helping my parents downsize. I tried to pawn some of it off on my children but so far I have not had any luck.

Having less stuff means being able to live more comfortably in a smaller house and sometimes smaller houses cost less which means more money for other things. Stuff not only takes up space in our homes but it takes up space in our heads when we have to think about moving it or storing it.

There is so little I have that I really need or even want and I am finding that I constantly want less instead of wanting more and somehow that just goes against the natural order of things and I end up with more anyway.

When I work with first time home buyers they sometimes tell me they don’t have enough stuff to fill all the rooms in a new home. I explain to them that they won’t have to work hard to fill up a house. It is far more of a challenge to keep a one room sparsely furnished or even to have an empty drawer or shelf.  Our stuff tends to take up as much room as we have.

Less really is more when it comes to stuff and the less we have the more options we have when it comes to housing.

First Time Home Buyers

The phone test

phoneA couple of days ago someone who was standing in front of one of my listings decided to call the phone number next to my name on the for sale sign. I answered his call on the second ring. He was surprised.

I can not always answer that quickly and sometimes callers end up getting a voice mail message but it is very rare that anyone waits even an hour to have his or her phone call returned. If I am with clients I won’t answer the phone but as soon as I get back into my car I am returning calls.

My business phone is a cell phone number. It isn’t answered by a receptionist who puts callers into my voice mail if I don’t answer. There isn’t some electronic mail box I need to check for messages.

Answering the phone has become pretty rare in business but I still do it and if I were looking for a real estate agent to work with I think I would choose one who answers the phone. Phone calls are still a vital part of the home buying and selling process.

For Home Sellers

White after labor day

sandalsIt is an old rule that we put our white sandals away after Labor day and bring them out again after Memorial day. Personally I don’t own any white sandals so I don’t have to worry about it.

Some people believe that fall the start of the school year marks then end of the home buying season. Last September 315 homes were sold in St. Paul in September.

In order to sell a home it needs to be put on the market and made available for buyers to look at. The homes that are not put on the market because it is September do not sell.

Putting your home on the market in September isn’t like wearing white after September. Selling or buying real estate is never really out of style.


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