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Neighborhood Businesses

Change happens

When we moved into the home we live in now we were so excited that we only had to walk a couple of blocks for an ice cream cone.  Now the DQ is gone. It is a good thing that


Brewery is now apartments for artists

Even with my wide angle lens I could not get it all in. The renovation of the Schmidt Brewery is in it’s final stages and many of the apartments are occupied. There are income limits and rents starting at $844

Neighborhood Businesses

Coming this week. .

 I usually write this the day before or after Thanksgiving but this year I want to put it out there right away.  There should never be a special day for shopping local.  We should shop local everyday unless of course

Neighborhood Businesses

Having a staycation?

 This is my busiest time of the year so a vacation is out of the question and even if I did have the energy to go some place Minnesota gasoline prices would stop me.  It is interesting the way there

Neighborhood Businesses

What to do and where to go

 This weekend will be a little warmer than last weekend but not quite as exciting. . .unless of course you are into watching rodents to see if they can see their own shadow.  Wheeeeee ground hog’s day! Last Weekend –

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on 7th place Avoid the crowds and shop downtown. I know I shouldn’t say that but I have lived in St. Paul all of my life and I know what I am talking about.  Try the pop corn at Candy

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