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Making energy efficent furnaces affordable

Furnaces are expensive and so are roofs and windows. I recently talked to a neighbor who says her furnace has not worked properly for three years and she can not afford a new one.  furnace There are some low interest

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The best lenders

phone icon  The best lenders return phone calls and emails.  It really isn’t all that hard to tell who will be responsive and who won’t be.  Just pick up the phone and call or send some email.  People who are

Mortgage & Finance

Where is the money?

coin cuz I don’t have a wad of bills Over the years I have had the privilege of working with a lot of lenders from many different banks and mortgage companies.  They are not all the same.  When I get an

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That was then this is now

   According to the Freddie Mac Mortgage rate survey the average mortgage rate is 3.41%.  In April of 2003 the average rate was 5.81%. [see 30 year fixed mortgage rates on the Freddie Mac web site] In March of 2003

Mortgage & Finance

Refinance Calculators

  Interest rates are at historic lows, like a less than 3.5%.  Now might be a great time to refinance depending upon your situation. In some cases the only way to refinance is to borrow more money and in other

Mortgage & Finance

Need tax advice?

   I always need help with taxes and I always struggle with them.  As a Minnesota licensed real estate broker I can not give tax advice but  there are agents who will give tax advice and some are  knowledgable. There


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