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Is your lender good for three months?

So you have a pre-approval letter from your loan officer and it is good for three months. As you look for that perfect home to make an offer on you need to keep in touch with your lender because he or

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Be careful with home equity

The number of Home equity loans being applied for is up again. That means that home owners are more confident about the future and about home values which is a good thing. However every year people come to me who want

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Silly advice about mortgages

There is all sorts of advice on the internet about why it is a bad idea to pay off your mortgage.  For people who have mortgages with a penalty for early payment, paying it off might be a bad idea. Borrowing

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Making energy efficent furnaces affordable

Furnaces are expensive and so are roofs and windows. I recently talked to a neighbor who says her furnace has not worked properly for three years and she can not afford a new one.  furnace There are some low interest

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The best lenders

phone icon  The best lenders return phone calls and emails.  It really isn’t all that hard to tell who will be responsive and who won’t be.  Just pick up the phone and call or send some email.  People who are

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Where is the money?

coin cuz I don’t have a wad of bills Over the years I have had the privilege of working with a lot of lenders from many different banks and mortgage companies.  They are not all the same.  When I get an


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