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Need tax advice?

   I always need help with taxes and I always struggle with them.  As a Minnesota licensed real estate broker I can not give tax advice but  there are agents who will give tax advice and some are  knowledgable. There

For Home buyers

Home values

 There are web sites on the internet that have home values on them and of course there are the county tax records that have a value.   An appraiser can come up with a value that is different than any


get your independent foreclosure review

This is a public service message as we are all trying to get the word out.  . but tomorrow I will go back to our regular program once I figure out what that is.  Read this only if you think

Mortgage & Finance

Interest Rates . . not very interesting

interest rates – Freddie Mac Rates are up again but not as high as they were last October.  Mortgage interest rates remain low with little fluxuation.   Home sales are up locally from last year which is a good thing

First Time Home Buyers

Mortgage Fraud is alive and well

Even though it is harder to get a loan than it used to be mortgage fraud is alive and well and depending upon who you listen to it is at an all time high even right here in Minnesota. .

Mortgage & Finance

Foreclosures have not gone away

  Foreclosure by Jeff Turner Flickr  It is hard to get a handle on the foreclosure situation.  One day we read that foreclosures have gone down, the next we read that the foreclosure rate is going up.  Either way we


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