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The flower that keeps on giving

One of the first things I planted when we bought our current home 25 years ago were crocus. They require almost not maintenance and there are more of them each year. They like sunshine and they grow in clumps. I

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For Home Sellers

Getting Mom’s house ready to sell

Over the years I have sold three homes for my family.  One of the challenges of selling a home that is or was owned and lived in by an elderly person is making it look as appealing as possible to younger

For Home Sellers

Winterize your vacant home

If your home is vacant and is on the market please have it winterized.  Furnaces can fail and frozen pipes can burst when they thaw and that leaves a really big mess. The process involves turning off the water and draining

For Home buyers

Got roof rake?

I hate to make a big deal about a little snow, but we just got our first significant snow for the season. We are way behind on snowfall. The first snow kicks off the ice dam season. One of the

First Time Home Buyers

Don’t forget to turn off the water

This tip is  mostly for new homeowners or for people who are new to Minnesota. It is almost time to turn off the water to the outdoor faucets and disconnect any hoses and put them away. It will be in

For Home buyers

The flippers are back

The flippers are back. It reminds me of 2005 when home buyers would walk into my listings with clipboards taking notes. They would tell me how they plan to buy a house for cheap and fix it up and sell

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