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Have the furnace serviced

Last year we had our furnace looked at before the heating season started which is why we were able to get it replaced before it got really cold out. I hate to sound like your father but it is a


Porches explained

What is a porch? I like to say it is just like the decks in suburbia but with a roof over it. There are a few flavors of porch and sometimes they can even be included as part of the

Home Improvement

A very Minnesota January

Here we go with the snow again.  I have to say so far we have had a very Minnesota January.  It is likely that most of us will spend more time indoors and less time outdoors.  If you are planning

Home Improvement

Home decor for 2014

This years color of the year is according to Pantone is radiant orchid.  which to me looks kind of like purple but not a lavender or grape purple but more of a pinkish tone. Last years color was a kind of emerald

For Home Sellers

Don’t let the pipes freeze

We live in an old house and some times the pipes freeze.The easiest way to thaw a pipe is to use a hair dryer.  It cantake awhile, but the risk of burning down the house or hurting the pipes is small. There is

For Home Sellers

winterize and call the insurance company

If your home is going to be vacant over the winter now is the time to have it winterized. We have not had a hard freeze here in the Twin Cities and we still have some time before water will


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