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An old house or an old house?

Just about everything on the inside or the outside of a house can be rebuilt or replaced. Probably everything can be rebuilt or replaced but if I make such a statement someone is bound to find an exception so I

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home buyers prefer hardwood floors

Home buyers usually prefer hardwood floors. I have know this for many years. National Association of REALTORS® found that 54% of home buyers were willing to pay more for a home with hardwood flooring. I am not suggesting that people who want

Historic Homes

So many vacant lots

The great recession and the crash of the housing market left scars all over the West 7th neighborhood. Drive down the streets near this lot on Douglas street and see vacant lots in between the houses. Some have been purchased

Historic Homes

On the move

We lost several homes during the great recession. They were demolished. This home wasn’t demolished but is moving to the empty lot that used to belong to a home that was demolished during the housing market crash. I had to

For Home buyers

Fixing up houses

The Minneapolis Saint Paul Home Tour is this weekend.  A great opportunity to see home renovations.  I plan to visit a couple homes on 4th street on St. Paul’s East side.  They were originally part of the “4th street preservation program”.

Historic Homes

Rehabbed – E 4th Street

Now Then This side-by-side duplex is owned by Saint Paul HRA (housing and redevelopment authority).  The structure is or was part of the 4th street stabilization project.  There were and are several vacant homes in need of repair on this


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