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Small houses on small lots

The great recession left plenty of scars in St. Paul. In some neighborhoods it also left vacant lots. Yes the lots are small and they had small houses on them that were razed at some point after the owners stopped paying

General Real Estate News

Marriage and home ownership

After same sex marriage became legal nation wide I started reading these articles about the possible impact on homeownership which kind of surprised me. Marriage has never been a requirement for home ownership. There are groups of people who have

General Real Estate News

Monday snapshot

As I feel like I am drowning in a sea of real estate data I like to look at this simple graphic. On a Monday morning it helps me get started and plan my week. This shows the general activity


No room for bikes

I decided to walk to the store yesterday. As I went I took inventory of what is on some of our sidewalks. There are tables and chairs and street lights and trees and newspaper racks and signs and flowers.  I

General Real Estate News

Radon awareness

My apologies for the dull topics this week but I am finding that there are people, even real estate agents who do not seem to be aware of the laws concerning radon and real estate transactions. Tomorrow I may write

General Real Estate News

Minnesota Property Taxes Due

May 15th, which is tomorrow, first half property taxes are due for Minnesota property owners. Those payments go to the county that the property is located in. Most countries accept electronic payment. Ramsey county tacks on a charge for paying


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