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Minnesota real estate agent

I am a Minnesota real estate agent and have a Minnesota real estate brokers license which means I can sell real estate anywhere in Minnesota and I can have my own company or work under another broker. I can sell


The mail box

In recent months I have spent quite a bit of time at the home of my ancient parents. I have developed a whole new awareness of how we treat our oldest citizens.  Each month they receive solicitations from non-profits. They


What is a Realtor

The word Realtor® has been used to mean real estate agent for so long now that it can’t be taken back but the National Association of Realtors® spends a lot of money each year defending the brand. I am a


Porches explained

What is a porch? I like to say it is just like the decks in suburbia but with a roof over it. There are a few flavors of porch and sometimes they can even be included as part of the


Property Taxes due today

If you own property in Minnesota first half property taxes are due today. For home owners who have mortgages  the money may be escrowed by the mortgage company and the escrow monies are used to pay property taxes and home


Accurate information takes effort

We call it data integrity. When homes are listed with a Realtor® they go into our local MLS, which is a data base of homes for sale and when you go on the internet to look at homes for sale


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