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Traditional office or loft style?

I have to smile when I read about new and innovative real estate companies.  Part of what makes them innovative is their office space. My office is at CoCo in downtown St. Paul. CoCo is a co-working or collaborative work



In Minnesota real estate commissions are negotiable and I’ll be honest mine are all over the map because I am able to adjust services and commissions to fit the situation.  Real estate agents are taught to negotiate hard for their

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No room for bikes

I decided to walk to the store yesterday. As I went I took inventory of what is on some of our sidewalks. There are tables and chairs and street lights and trees and newspaper racks and signs and flowers.  I


Remembering Captain Banning

Captain Banning has likely been in Oakland Cemetery for longer than I have been alive. I have no idea who he was. Maybe he died in battle or maybe he died of old age. Either way memorial day is the day


Google likes mobile friendly sites

I use Google analytics to monitor this site. I did some checking earlier this week because Google announced that they made some changes to the Google search that will favor websites that can easily be viewed on a phone or tablet.


What is a real estate agent?

People don’t always  understand what a real estate agent is or what we really do. I think part of the reason is because most people only need the services of a real estate agent every couple of decades. In Minnesota a real


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