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  • Roasting a turkey is very easy to do

    Tomorrow is thanksgiving and there isn’t much that is easier to prepare and cook than roast turkey. Don’t let the news media scare you off as they spend the week giving turkey cooking tips and making it look harder than it is.  There are other ways to cook a turkey but roasting it is the easiest. No need to deep fry it, or put it on a stick.

    For those of you who have never cooked the bird this is what it looks like:

    raw turkey
    raw turkey

    Turkeys are very easy to roast, in an oven or in an electric turkey roaster.  Where most people go wrong is by not using a meat thermometer and or by cooking the bird too long and at too high of a temperature or by listening to the talking heads on the morning news.  Use the Betty Crocker roasting chart.  I won’t tell you how many years that has worked for me.

    Please don’t overcook your turkey. If your turkey is dry it is because you overcooked it. Please use a meat thermometer and keep an eye on it.

    Turkeys can be cooked rapidly at 450 or so, but the easiest way is to put it in an electric turkey roaster or in the oven at 325 to 350 and just ignore it. I like to start with a fresh turkey, never a frozen turkey and cook it in an electric roaster because it frees up the oven and requires almost no effort on my part.

    I make the stuffing separately but like to stick an whole unpeeled orange in the cavity.

    Clean up is simple too.  The only challenge is finding a place to store the electric roaster but as a Realtor I can help you find a bigger home with more storage space if needed.

    The FDA recommends a minimum internal temperature of 165 . . if you don’t want to risk food poisoning.  personally I go for up around 180 degrees. Please don’t rely on that little pop-up thingy to detect doneness. Use a real meat thermometer.

    roast turkey
    roast turkey

    Have a happy thanksgiving and don’t stress over the turkey.  Worry about the stuffing or the pies or the rolls, or which family members are going to get into a fight over something stupid.

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  • Empathy and a little snow

    5th street, green line station downtown St. Paul

    Yes it snowed a little. I hope it melts today because we don’t have our shovels out yet. The picture is an Instagram that I took a few weeks ago on a warm day and I just added the snow.

    Ever since the election I have been thinking about ways that I can be better as a person and as a business. We can not always count on our government or our system to do the right thing but each of us has a choice everyday about how we will treat others.

    That is where the word empathy comes in. Having empathy is being able to understand the feelings of others and to even be able to share those feelings.

    Even when we do not feel the same way as someone else feels we at least need to be able to acknowledge that their feelings are as real as ours are. Feelings are not right or wrong and they don’t just go away when someone says “stop it”.

    Empathy is important in business too and it is a traight trait that I think is desirable in our leaders. There is no law against being empathetic and it is mostly free.

    screen print - Empathy
    screen print – Empathy
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  • Life goes on

    Fall collage

    I take a lot of photos and these are from my phone mostly taken on walks from my home to my office downtown. The I happy the election is over but am still shocked by the outcome.  It will probably be a few days before I can get back to my regular program here on the blog.

    There is one thing that I will always do and that is check my facts and never make them up or spread lies and half truths that others invent just because it validates some belief that I have. I’ll continue to use numbers and facts and figures on this site along with photographs. I’ll seek out the truth and will not make up my own facts.

    Have a great day. Walk your dog if you have one. Rake leaves and talk to your neighbors and enjoy the day.

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  • Yes you can vote

    Polling Place in Ramsey County

    Please vote. I voted a couple of weeks ago. I have met a few people who say they have moved since the last time they voted and they didn’t think they could vote on Tuesday November 8th which is election day no matter what various candidates say. Yes you can vote and you can register at the polls, it doesn’t matter if you have moved:

    You’re only required to show an ID when you vote if you’re registering to vote when you vote in person, or if your registration is not current and active

    To register when you vote in person, bring one of the following:

    • A Minnesota driver’s license, learner’s permit, ID, or receipt for any of these that has your current name and address
    • A tribal ID with your name, address, photo, and signature

    If you don’t have any of these, bring a combination of photo ID and another document that shows your current name and address

    • Accepted photo IDs include an out-of-state driver’s license or ID, US passport, US military or veteran ID, Tribal ID with name, signature and photo, Minnesota university, college, technical college, or high school ID
    • Accepted documents to prove your residence include a current residential lease, current student fee statement, or a utility bill or bank statement with a date less than 30 days old

    If you don’t have any of the IDs listed above, you may bring with you a voter who is registered in the same precinct as yours to “vouch” for your identity. This registered voter will need to sign a form under oath confirming that he or she knows that you live at your listed address. The voter may only “vouch” for up to 8 persons.

    Maybe you don’t know where to vote? 

    Please use the Minnesota poll finder (If you do not live in Minnesota, kindly disregard and search for polling places in your own state) If you would like to move to Minnesota please contact me.

    It is very important that we all vote. Daylight savings ends this weekend so we have an extra hour just to work on the logistics of voting.

    Oh and the day I voted I also got my flue shot. Flue shots are important too. Thanks for reading.