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First Time Home Buyers

Healthy homes

There are all sorts of things that can scare home buyers, especially first time home buyers. As a real estate agent I am never going to say it is all OK even if it is. I encourage all homebuyers to


Changing the landscape

Here is a picture I took from the river park a couple of days ago. The brown buildings in the foreground of the picture are going to be demolished and that is really going to change  this picture. It is


Post recession spending

The great recession is indeed over but I can see remnants of it here and there. Home prices are still lower than they were before the recession. For a time Realtors® were talking about “rising affordability”. Now post recession consumer


Questions about Gasoline prices

I don’t understand gasoline prices. When they kept going up the prices of everything else went up too. After all gasoline and crude oil are used to produce and to transport everything we consume. Now that the price of gasoline


More real estate agents

January is the time of year when I get calls and emails from people who want to become real estate agents. I don’t know exactly how many real estate agents there are in the metro area but I do know


Lets cook turkey

Tomorrow is thanksgiving and there isn’t much that is easier to prepare and cook than roast turkey. I should be keeping that a secret because the news media loves to spend the week before thanksgiving making the whole turkey cooking process

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