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  • Keep the dream alive

    Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2016, Monday, Jan. 16,  honors the slain civil rights icon near what would have been his 88th birthday.

    I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”

    – Martin Luther King, Jr 1963

    Let’s keep the dream alive and the hope that one day even a black man can drive a car with a burned out tail light and live to tell about it.

    The Twin Cities  are  home to some of the worst racial disparities in the country. In metrics across the board—household income, unemployment rates, poverty rates and education attainment—the gap between white people and people of color is significantly larger in Minnesota than it is most everywhere else. There is also a large gap in home ownership between people who are white and people of color. Homeowners have a significantly higher net worth than renters have.


    Dr. Martin Luther King Speaking at the University of Minnesota
    Dr. Martin Luther King Speaking at the University of Minnesota –

    Photograph from the Minnesota Historical Society collection

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  • Changing landscape

    Old west publishing building on Kellogg

    This is what is left on the Ramsey County Jail and West Publishing site along Kellogg Blvd as viewed from Shepard road in St. Paul. The site will be hard to develop. Ramsey county is making it all easier by demolishing the buildings and shoring up the bluff.  The last news about the site suggested that it would be redeveloped for mixed use. We don’t need more office space downtown but housing seems to do well.  Micro apartments would be nice.


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  • Rebound real estate purchases


    It isn’t always a good time to buy or to sell real estate . . at least not for everyone.

    Right after the holidays I start getting calls from people who want to move. For some of them the move will be because of a divorce or a break up with a partner. They wait until after the holidays and then begin making plans.

    Some will want to buy another house. I call it a rebound house. Please think before you buy the rebound house because it is the home purchased shortly after a divorce or the break-up of a long term relationship. The rebound homes that are purchased don’t always work out in the long run. Go out and rent an apartment and give yourself a year or so before buying real estate.

    During break ups people often look at their move as moving away from something or someone. It might be best to think in terms of moving toward something like a new life. Where do you want to be? Where do you see yourself in five years? If there is no mental picture then making a long term commitment like buying a home is not the best choice.

    I have listed homes for a few people who bought the home shortly after a break up. In each case they felt they owned if for a short time and felt they had made a mistake. They did not look at enough homes, they got themselves in over their heads financially, or they just paid too much for what they bought because they wanted to get on with their lives and in their haste failed to do their homework.

    Buying a home is a big step, please wait until you are ready to make a good decision.

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  • Low activity for a day

    market watch

    There are few true holidays for people who sell real estate but Christmas is one of them. This year it landed on a Sunday. The chart above shows the activity in St. Paul over the last 24  hours. In the last three days two homes have been put on the market in St. Paul and two have gotten offers.

    The numbers will go way up on Tuesday when the administrative staff who work in the larger real estate offices get back to work.

    So far there have not been any real estate emergencies this holiday season but the day is young and it is a national holiday. Real estate emergencies are a thing. They happen when people suddenly somehow find themselves in town and need to see a home that is for sale right away.

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  • The longest night

    Looking out the window

    Welcome to the Winter solstice. Last night was the longest night of the year and today is the shortest day and the first day of Winter . . but you probably knew that already. More importantly today is the first day of Winter.

    You may notice that the snow will seem snowier today and the cold will seem more wintery than it did yesterday.

    Enjoy the short day!

    Winter 2016 - 2017
    Winter 2016 – 2017