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Google likes mobile friendly sites

I use Google analytics to monitor this site. I did some checking earlier this week because Google announced that they made some changes to the Google search that will favor websites that can easily be viewed on a phone or tablet.


What is a real estate agent?

People don’t always  understand what a real estate agent is or what we really do. I think part of the reason is because most people only need the services of a real estate agent every couple of decades. In Minnesota a real


April 1st

Don’t believe anything you read on the internet today. Not even this.

First Time Home Buyers

Healthy homes

There are all sorts of things that can scare home buyers, especially first time home buyers. As a real estate agent I am never going to say it is all OK even if it is. I encourage all homebuyers to


Changing the landscape

Here is a picture I took from the river park a couple of days ago. The brown buildings in the foreground of the picture are going to be demolished and that is really going to change  this picture. It is


Post recession spending

The great recession is indeed over but I can see remnants of it here and there. Home prices are still lower than they were before the recession. For a time Realtors® were talking about “rising affordability”. Now post recession consumer


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