Keeping St. Paul warm

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. We have had a few breaks from the cold and it might get above freezing again today. It has been a cold winter and apparently, the light posts need to be kept warm and a group of “yarn bombers” have taken on the task.

The yarn work is led by the “Rage to Order Artists Initiative” of Lowertown, with support from the St. Paul Saints Art Program and a series of sponsors, including St. Paul and Ramsey County.

The goal is to wrap 158 lamp posts along 12 downtown city blocks from Rice Park to CHS Field and keep them on display into March.

lamp post with crochet sock on it
Lamp post near rice park

New Mayor could mean fireworks

July 4th Fireworks in St. Paul

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. I decided to write a letter to our new Mayor. It was about bringing back fireworks. Back in the day before CHS field was built, we used to have these beautiful fireworks on July 4th. They were launched over our great natural resource, the Mississippi River.

After CHS field was built it became the new home of July 4th fireworks. The field is in the lowest part of St. Paul and is surrounded by tall buildings. If there is a baseball game the fireworks might be delayed by an hour or so.

The CHS field venue guarantees the smallest possible audience. There are rules about how high the fireworks can be launched because there is an airport close by and it is the lowest point in St. Paul.  I suppose it would be worse if they were set off indoors someplace.

I never would have supported CHS field if I had known it would mean the end of public fireworks on July 4th. We used to go outside and head for the nearest bridge or river bluff. We would meet neighbors along the way and talk amongst ourselves as we waited for the big display.

The fireworks could be seen for miles. Some people would grab blankets and watch them from the parks. Others watched then from boats. It really was beautiful. I am happy that I took the time to take some pictures.

I really miss those fireworks. I hope there is someway we can celebrate July 4th like we used to. Like they do over in Minneapolis with “Red, White, and Boom”. The fireworks are launched over the river and are free for everyone to see.

My good fortune

From a fortune cookie – “the fortune you seek is in another cookie”

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun.

It is also groundhogs day. It doesn’t matter if the local rodent sees his shadow. I can assure you that here in the great northland we can expect six more weeks of winter-like weather and that if spring does come in six weeks that will be an early spring.

The bank taketh away

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. Earlier this week I got an overdraft notice from Wells Fargo for a huge amount of money. It seems that there was a glitch and they honored the same check twice and it was a large check.

There isn’t any money to pay other bills this month and of course, to add insult to injury they went ahead and charged an overdraft fee.

It is possible that there are thousands of people who had their bills paid twice by Wells Fargo and are now flat broke.

I was told that it takes 10 days for Wells Fargo to investigate and take action. They made me swear that I didn’t steal the money but refused to swear that they did not steal the money.

At the very least Wells Fargo should pay me an overdraft fee for every day until the money they accidentally removed from my account is restored.

I am fortunate in that I don’t need to make a payment on a credit card bill or pay rent or a mortgage from that account.  Condolences to all who lost all of their money and who still have bills to pay and to those who wrote checks or made payments that bounced.

Even though Wells Fargo is considered too big to fail, I give them an epic fail.


What to put in gift baskets for compeditors

Empty gift basket
Empty gift basket

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. In the past six months, two real estate companies have opened offices in the area. One is located a few blocks from my home and another is located just around the corner from my downtown office.

Neither location is new. They are in the oldest parts of the city but are being advertised as great new locations.

Both companies have been sending or sent “grand opening” notices. I feel as though I need to do something special, like a gift basket to welcome each to the neighborhood. For the downtown office, I think a map with the names and locations of condo buildings should be put in the basket.

Few agents seem to really know downtown. Information about parking might also be helpful. Real estate agents resist going downtown because they don’t know where to park. So far the perceived lack of parking and the complexity of our little downtown has kept real estate companies away. real estate agents are afraid of getting lost, being run over by a train or going the wrong way down a one-way street.

The other new office is close to the bars and restaurants on West 7th street that sprung up and expanded because of the Xcel center. When there isn’t an event tumbleweed can be seen rolling down the street unless there is a blizzard.

When there is an event there isn’t any parking. There is always gallons and gallons of craft beer nearby. West 7th street is all about beer, burgers, pizza, and brats. Wine and popcorn might be a good gift to hold them over until they find Candy Land downtown and the new wine bar opens on Grand and Leech.

Both real estate offices are part of large national franchises and are less than a mile apart.  My company is small independent and woman-owned and operated and there isn’t any other like it in the area and I got here first.

January is the start of the consumption cycle

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. Over the last few years, I have been getting rid of excess stuff. I made so much progress in 2017 that there isn’t much left to get rid of in 2018. I am going to try something new this year. I am going to see if I can make it through the year without buying anything.

I’ll have to buy food and other consumables and soap, toothpaste and a few other things. I’ll also need to make purchases for my business.

That might seem like a lot to buy but compared with all of the stuff I could buy it is almost nothing. If I truly need something that isn’t on my consumables or edibles list I’ll bet I can buy it used or even trade with someone and get rid of something I don’t want and exchange it for something I do want.

A few days after Christmas I found this display at Target. The yoga mats and the fancy fruity water were on the same shelves that were filled with cookies and sweets before Christmas. First, they help us fatten up and then they sell us stuff that can be used to slim down.

Can I make it through an entire year without buying anything? Can I make it through January? We shall see.

display at target
A few days after Christmas