fa la la la la shopping season has arrived


 It is Friday and Fridays are for fun and I actually have a Black Friday strategy.  I stay home and let everyone else shop.  It is a simple strategy that has served me well for many years.   I like to watch the morning news and see shoppers being interviewed and listen to retailers talk about all of the amazing bargains. 

Real estate can be purchased on Black Friday and most of the other 364 days of the year. If you need help purchasing or selling a home today give me a call. I won’t make you wait in line or even make you go through an automated voice mail system.  I’ll just help you any way that I can.

Black Friday isn’t what it used to be now that it starts on Thanksgiving which is always on a Thursday and never on a Friday.  My guess is eventually black Friday will start the day after Halloween, or in mid-October when the holiday decorations start showing up in stores.

Please shop safely this holiday season and if you do not shop on Black Friday there is always small business Saturday and Cyber Monday and Christmas Eve sales.

Friday is for unfriending

Today is Friday and Fridays are for fun. Today is national unfriend day, which is aimed at Facebook friends, not real friends. I am going to start with the Facebook friends I don’t know and then move on to the ones I don’t like.

I don’t need to unfriend oversharers because I stopped reading their posts long ago. I have “unfollowed” them so I don’t see their posts.

Maybe I’ll unfriend the people who post the “memes” and the “how to be happy” posts. They don’t add any value and what they are posting isn’t even original.

I have dabbled in memes myself. I use my photographs and put words on them. I’ll admit they are different and kind of dark.

Lately, I have been a rebel and a non-conformist. I have taken Facebook off of my phone last January. It can not be totally taken off. It can only be deactivated. They want you to use Facebook and give it access to your location. I decided not to play along. It makes me feel like a rebel and a free thinker.

Ultimately I think I would be better off if I kept most of the friends and got rid of Facebook. It seems like Facebook has too much power these days. The good news is that we don’t have to use Facebook.

fall sunrise

A snowy day is easy to fake

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. I got a catalog in the mail the other day that featured winter outwear. The cover was a picture of a bunch of people smiling and hanging out in a raging blizzard.

The people in the picture looked so relaxed and happy. No one looked stiff and there were no red faces or noses. Here in Minnesota, we know what cold and snow feel like. It is almost impossible to pose for a photo in a snowstorm without wincing or squinting.

It was obvious to me as a true Minnesotan that the snow storm in the picture was faked.

As someone who has taken pictures while it is snowing, I can tell you it isn’t easy. Snowflakes fall on lenses and get cameras all wet and if it is snowing hard enough it is hard to focus.

It tends to be kind of dark and dreary outside while it is snowing. Snow tricks camera sensors so that pictures can end up underexposed which makes them look even more dreary.

I thought I would take one of my pictures and see if I could fake a snow storm. It seems like more fun than actually going out in a snowstorm. The picture was taken on a warm evening a few weeks ago. I used photoshop and faked the snow.

I made the snowflakes in a few sizes and shapes and blurred some of them. I put a little glow on few too but need to work on my glow and maybe add some sparkle. It wouldn’t be hard to make the fake snow swirl or come down at an angle as if there is a brisk wind.

The picture below was easier than going out in a snowstorm and taking a picture. It wouldn’t be hard to put a few piles of snow on the ground either but it is even easier to just wait a couple of weeks and let mother nature do that for me.

7th place in the snow
7th place – downtown St. Paul

Fall is the shortest season

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. Fall is almost over. The calendar will say fall for several more weeks but Minnesota weather will look exactly like winter. Fall is a short season here in the land of winter.

Even though the weather has been wonderful I am not quite done with getting everything around the house and yard ready for winter. The pictures are from my Instagram account and were taken in St. Paul.

Friday photos

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun and this week Friday is also for photos.

I’ll admit the weather has been so amazing this week it has been hard to stay inside.

The weather is supposed to be amazing today and not so great tomorrow. Sunday weather should be a bit more average for this time of year and we may make it through October without a hard freeze in St. Paul.

fall colors
Indian Mounds park – Thursday October 19, 2017
Fall Color
Fall Color – Mounds Park – Thursday October 19, 2017