Fall is the shortest season

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. Fall is almost over. The calendar will say fall for several more weeks but Minnesota weather will look exactly like winter. Fall is a short season here in the land of winter.

Even though the weather has been wonderful I am not quite done with getting everything around the house and yard ready for winter. The pictures are from my Instagram account and were taken in St. Paul.

Friday photos

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun and this week Friday is also for photos.

I’ll admit the weather has been so amazing this week it has been hard to stay inside.

The weather is supposed to be amazing today and not so great tomorrow. Sunday weather should be a bit more average for this time of year and we may make it through October without a hard freeze in St. Paul.

fall colors
Indian Mounds park – Thursday October 19, 2017
Fall Color
Fall Color – Mounds Park – Thursday October 19, 2017

Open house at the water tower

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. This weekend is the annual water tower open house. From 9 to 5 on Saturday and Sunday (10/14/2017 and 10/15/2017)

The water tower is located on Snelling avenue in between Highland Parkway and Montreal. Don’t miss the opportunity to climb all of those stairs. The climbing isn’t all that much fun but the view makes it worth while. The tower is at the highest point in St. Paul.

Visitors will also have an opportunity to learn more about St. Paul water.

Here is the view from the tower looking west:

view from highland water tower
Minneapolis, as viewed from the Highland Park water tower 

Friday at last

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. It hasn’t been a fun week. I am just going to post a couple of pictures I took this week.

palace theater
Palace theater

Proof of life in downtown St. Paul after business hours. The Palace Theater is on 7th place between Wabasha and Saint Peter street. It just re-opened after being closed since 1977.

Mickey’s Diner

Mickey’s Diner is on 7th street and has been opened most of the time since the 1940’s.


Fall is here but not for long

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. Last fall I was fortunate in that I got to spend three days in the woods enjoying the Fall colors.

North woods
Northern Minnesota in October

The season is short and there isn’t always time for a Fall get-a-way. There are places in and around St. Paul that will have some spectacular color during the next couple of weeks. Consider visiting Battle Creek Regional Park, Lilydale Regional Park, Phalen Park, Como Park or Harriet Island for some great photo opportunities and maybe some hiking or biking.  If you live in St. Paul you probably live close to a park.

You might be from St. Paul if . .

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. You might be from St. Paul and I should add that you are probably also over 50 if your reaction to this picture is:

What have you done to Dayton’s?

Dayton’s – After

This old Saintpaulite will always cal the building Dayton’s even though Dayton’s has not been Dayton’s for a long time and has been renamed  “Treasure Island Center” and will have a practice ice rink for the Minnesota Wild, an orthopedic clinic, a brewpub and other retail and office space.

I am very pleased that they kept some of the old brick. I will probably always refer to the building as Dayton’s.

Before renovation