Foreclosure Resources

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Home Ownership Center 

How to find foreclosures in the Twin cities. The information is free.

The Minnesota Foreclosure process  

Minnesota Laws and prohibited Practices. Also see “foreclosure process” from the Minnesota attorney generals office.

Foreclosure prevention resources. Don’t get ripped off 
City Program for St. Paul   

Need help? Try the Minnesota Home Ownership Center.  They have helped people avoid foreclosure and are a reputable non profit.  

Articles about foreclosures

What is a short sale?

  1. Glossary- coming soon


Understanding Category 1, 2 and 3 registered vacant buildings in St. Paul

When looking at foreclosures in St. Paul check by address to see if it is on the
registered vacant building list and which category it is in by address.

Handy full color chart of the foreclosure process in Minnesota: Foreclosure chart


Click on image to see it full size.

It should be noted that the chart is not totally accurate.  The lender has a great deal of latitude.  They can start the foreclosure process after the first missed payment but often they do not.   Some lenders are open to what is called a loan modification and that can make house payments smaller. . . but use care.   Some lenders will only help those who are behind on their payments but when someone is behind on their payments they will say they can not help anyone that is behind on payments.   In general banks would rather pay legal fees and list a home for 25% of it’s value than negotiate a temporary payment reduction or a short sale. No one really knows why. 

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