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Foreclosures are down

We all know foreclosures are down. That is old news. They were alarmingly high for awhile now there are fewer but too many and there is help. Maybe 2016 will be like 2015 and we will see decreases each quarter.


2011 the good old days

Home prices hit a low in St. Paul in 2009 and then after the tax federal tax credits expired in 2010 there was a new low that hit in 2011. During that time more than 30% of the homes on

First Time Home Buyers

Discuss this with your home inspector

During the last eight years there have been many homes that  sat vacant and then were rehabbed. When the banks obtained the homes they did not get a sellers disclosure and when they sold the homes they could not provide

For Home buyers

Back to work program

burn Good news?  The bank took your home but now they have decided that if you had an economic hardship you should get to buy another home.  Perhaps the zilions of foreclosures during the great recession were not due to economic

For Home Sellers

Short sales and incentives

*  Currently there are “incentives” available for home owners who are struggling to pay their mortgages and who have loans through Bank of America and other major lenders to work with the bank on a short sale, deed-in-lieu or mortgage


There really is such a thing as prevention

Sometimes foreclosure can be prevented.  Those in need of help should try the friendly folks at the Minnesota Home Ownership Center.  The services are free and here are some results that have just been published in the 2011 foreclosure prevention


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