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For the heck of it

Watch out for peeps

Have a great Easter and watch out for Peeps.

For the heck of it

Advice is everywhere

2014 was an interesting year and as it winds down there are a lot of people posting advice on the internet about how to make 2015 even better than 2014 was. Much of the advice comes in the form of

For the heck of it

A reason for advertising

We all get an extra hour this weekend and I have some big plans for mine but it is possible I’ll need more than an hour for my list of household and outdoor chores. Other than giving us an extra

For the heck of it

Bacon still a big deal

I got to spend a little time at the Minnesota State Fair yesterday. Did you know that you can buy “hot dish” on a stick at the fair? Bacon is also a very big deal. Usually it is combined with

For the heck of it

Happy Father’s day

Today is father’s day and my dad has had a rough couple of weeks but he now has a shinny new pacemaker and is recovering from a fall he took recently. What he really wants for Fathers day besides out

For the heck of it

Happy Mother’s day

Happy Mother’s day. Everyday should be mother’s day. Happy fishing opener! In Minnesota we combine mother’s day and the fishing opener for double the fun.


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