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For the heck of it

Weekends are for?

I love being self employed but sometimes I miss weekends.  When I had a 9 to 5 corporate type job I had weekends off.  I try to take a weekend off each month but sometimes it just doesn’t work out.  During

For the heck of it

Christmas stuff

This is the cycle of Christmas stuff  

For the heck of it

Use that extra hour wisely

We all get an extra hour this weekend.  I have to spend my looking for health insurance as I am one of the 3 million or maybe 10 million American’s who has an insurance plan that is not compliant with the

For the heck of it

Bullet holes?

bullet holes Was someone using the signs on the bike paths in Lilydale regional park for target practice? 

For the heck of it

Back to school

books Over the weekend I kept hearing conversations about going back to school.  Children are nervous about starting in a new school or advancing to a higher grade.  I just want to point out that we were all nervous the day

For the heck of it

Not deep fried

 I had to spend a little time at the State fair and I think everyone decided to go yesterday.  There are just so many deep friend foods on a stick to choose from that people can not stay away.  They


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