Low activity for a day

market watch

There are few true holidays for people who sell real estate but Christmas is one of them. This year it landed on a Sunday. The chart above shows the activity in St. Paul over the last 24  hours. In the last three days two homes have been put on the market in St. Paul and two have gotten offers.

The numbers will go way up on Tuesday when the administrative staff who work in the larger real estate offices get back to work.

So far there have not been any real estate emergencies this holiday season but the day is young and it is a national holiday. Real estate emergencies are a thing. They happen when people suddenly somehow find themselves in town and need to see a home that is for sale right away.

Happy Fishing opener

Minnesota lakes


Minnesota is really all about the lakes and the fishing. Fishing openers are a bit complicated but the Minnesota DNR has it all spelled out.  Getting a fishing license is easier than ever because you can order it online. They cost $22 for the whole season or $35 for a husband wife combo license and people who are under 16 or 0ver 90 do not need a license.

Happy Leap Year

There’s a leap year every year that is divisible by four, except for years that are both divisible by 100 and not divisible by 400. It all has to do with how we count and the fact that the earth orbit is a little crooked. I want to wish everyone who was born on February 29th a very happy birthday. Having a birthday once every four years helps people stay young.



Where the paper went

paperLast week I wrote about being paperless and how the electronic files I send to other real estate agents are printed and filed by real estate company office administrators.

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to see my dad’s medical chart. It takes up a three ring binder the weights several pounds.

The medical professional that I met with had this suitcase full of mostly paper with her. She struggled to find the papers she needed for our meeting and when I asked questions she had to shuffle through piles of paper and could not always find the answers.

I am told the paper is all about patient confidentiality but I suspect it is more about re-tooling and developing electronic forms and about teaching employees how to use it all. I can not help but think that medical records would have more value if health care professionals could actually search them and find the information that they need. Under paper systems it just isn’t possible to find a weight or blood pressure.

The paper that I don’t use will probably end up in a hospital or clinic somewhere. I guess I am OK with that.