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For Boomers

Is fall a good time to sell?

When I ask if it is a good time to sell I mean real estate of course. I remember when I used to work with one of the big real estate companies. They had this room called a resource room

For Boomers

Retiring with a mortgage

Personally I don’t plan on retiring. At some point I will cut back on the amount of hours I work each week and only work with certain types of clients. “More Americans are expected to still owe on their mortgage

For Boomers

Two much stuff

I still have too much stuff even though I have been on a mission to have less stuff. When I meet with people who are trying to move or to downsize they are often stressed out about how much stuff

For Boomers

shades of beige

There are a ridiculous number of shades of beige.  Beige is my go to color when I need to choose paint to spruce up a home before selling it. the wonderful thing about beige is that it goes with most

For Boomers

When is it time to move?

There are a few times in our lives when we start to think about moving. One of them is after the kids are grown up and maybe it would be fun to have some leisure time instead of having to

First Time Home Buyers

June real estate emergencies

June is the month for real estate emergencies.  It seems as though people just find themselves in St. Paul. I am not sure how that works because sometimes they don’t know until they day they get here that they are


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