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First Time Home Buyers

June real estate emergencies

June is the month for real estate emergencies.  It seems as though people just find themselves in St. Paul. I am not sure how that works because sometimes they don’t know until they day they get here that they are

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Identity theft

There are people who do not believe that identity theft is a problem.  Sadly a person does not have to believe that a type of crime is possible to become a victim of it. Identity theft is a first world

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Which website is best?

Even though real estate is local there is a ton of money to be made by creating a national real estate website with homes for sale which is why there are so many sites. The competition to be the go

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Withheld from the MLS

Is your agent promising to “pre-market” your home?  Have your agreed to keep it off the MLS  (Multiple listing service). It is rarely in the best interests of the seller to keep a listing off the MLS but some real

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Neighbors can help or hinder the sale of your home

I have so many neighbor stories to tell.  Sometimes when I show a home to buyers the neighbors are nearby and watching. I encourage home buyers to talk to neighbors and ask questions. It is the neighbors who are there

First Time Home Buyers

Don’t say it is for sale unless you mean it

One of my clients found the perfect home for sale on Zillow. It is was being sold by the owner, and the owner stated that he would work with real estate agents.   I called, I wrote I never got


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