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Ha Ha Ha

I just got an email from Zillow stating that my home value has gone up. They have the value at about $50,000 more than it is worth . . . and by worth I mean what a buyer would pay

For Boomers

Less can be better

I have been on a mission for a few years now to have less. I want fewer things and less stuff. I don’t want to get up each morning and have to make so many choices as I get dressed

For Boomers

Now isn’t always the best time to buy real estate

Now isn’t always the best time to buy real estate. Right after the holidays I start getting calls from people who want to move. For some of them the move will be because of a divorce or a break up

First Time Home Buyers

Heating your Minnesota Home

So far the weather has been warm for December but we still need to heat our houses. In Minnesota the type of heat and how much it will cost to heat a home each month is important information. Heating costs

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For Boomers

7th Place

On the plaza at 7th Place in downtown St. Paul in front of the bruegger’s bagels there is a pay phone. Maybe it has been there for a long time and I just never saw it before. It does bring

For Boomers


It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. If you are a lifelong St. Paulite of a certain age you will understand why I had to buy these bells to hang on my tree this year. I won’t remove them


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