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First Time Home Buyers

Dual Agency

I have written several articles about dual agency over the years. I guess I don’t write about it very often because compared with the drama of┬áhome buying, selling and flipping on “reality” TV dual agency isn’t the most exciting real

For Boomers

Expect 13% less for you home

If your St. Paul home is on the market in 2015 you can expect to get 13% less for it than you thought you would get. How did I come up with this number? I looked at the actual sale

For Boomers

Happy Mother’s Day

I recently found this photo of my mom taken when she was in high school. My mom has Alzheimer’s disease. ┬áThere is no treatment and there is no cure. She knows who I am and is always happy to see

For Boomers

out bidding and over bidding

We are seeing a lot of multiple offer situations this spring which is keeping some would be homebuyers out of the market, and keeping some would be home sellers from selling because they don’t want to buy a home by

First Time Home Buyers

Don’t be a home wrecker

There are renovations that are beautiful but they can also be what I like to call home wreckers. For example take a small historic home, rip out a few walls and put in a gourmet kitchen with granite counter tops

For Boomers

Long distance sellers

Technology makes it easier than ever to work with out of town sellers. Sometimes I never meet get to meet the owners of the properties I sell in person. It is easy to stay in touch and to let the


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