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First Time Home Buyers

Don’t say it is for sale unless you mean it

One of my clients found the perfect home for sale on Zillow. It is was being sold by the owner, and the owner stated that he would work with real estate agents.   I called, I wrote I never got

For Boomers

Mortgage interest tax deduction

The mortgage interest tax deduction is so misunderstood.  It is a deduction not a credit and only people who have enough deductions to itimize get the deduction.  It isn’t really a money savings or a bargain to pay a few

First Time Home Buyers

Running out of places to live?

Seven out of ten (70.0 percent) Twin Cities households own their home in 2010 (Metropolitain council)  There are people who rent homes or live in apartments through out the Twin Cities metro area.  It is hard to live most anywhere

For Boomers

Do baby boomers move?

  It is fascinating to read articles about baby boomers and moving.  Traditionally the age group that current boomers are in doesn’t really move around that much.   Younger people are far more likely to move. In general older people do not

For Boomers

Plan housing ahead of time

  Housing and housing options change as we age and no matter how well we  plan ahead we probably don’t plan on falling or having  an accident that leaves us physically and even mentally impaired.   If you have elderly parents

For Boomers

How much do you charge?

 How much do you charge?  That is a legitimate question I ask when someone is trying to sell me a product or a service.  I need it as a reference point.  If the price is more than I can pay I


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