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How many showings before the offer?

The chart shows how many appointments are made to see homes throughout the metro area. Activity really increases this time of year. The weather kind of slowed things down in January and February of  2014 and that shows up on the

First Time Home Buyers

I cannot predict the future

I think everyone knows that I can not predict the future but I get inquiries from people who want to move to our marvelous city and they want to know how much a home in a given area will appreciate.

For Boomers

Keep it light

I write this same article or one similar to it every year. If your home is on the market or if you are planning on putting it on the market soon make sure it is well lit. When buyers come

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For Boomers

From one homeowner to another

It is February in Minnesota and frozen pipes happen. I have had plumbers to my home many times but for the most part we have handle our own frozen pipes and have been able to figure out why they are

For Boomers

Color for the year

Last years color of the year at least according to Pantone was a kind of lavender but they called it orchid. The color of the year for 2015 is more of a mauve but please don’t call it mauve because

For Boomers

Inquiring minds want to know . . .

Often home buyers want to know how much the current owners of a home paid for it and how much they owe on it. That kind of information is easy to find in public records. Sometimes I have to remind

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