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For Boomers

Homeowners with Alzheimer’s

Occasionally in my business I meet with people who may have lost the ability to make good decisions, or any decision at all. It isn’t my place to judge anyone else’s decisions but if I see someone who is having

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First Time Home Buyers

Recognizing a bargain

People, especially first time home buyers like a bargain, yet people don’t always recognize bargains when they see one. A home that is in perfect condition and newly remodeled in the neighborhood with the highest home values might be a

For Boomers

A new record for Saint Paul

Currently as of yesterday there are 943 homes for sale in Saint Paul, MN and there are only 800 without offers on them. There are of course always homes for sale that are not listed by Realtors that are not reflected

For Boomers

Checking up on you

Most people want to kind of check out a real estate agent and ask some questions before hiring us. It is the same with real estate agents and homeowners.  The very first thing I do when a homeowner that I

For Boomers

Buyers are interested in the house not the listing company

I have never met a buyer who cared about which logo was on the sign in front of a home for sale. Real estate agents don’t much care either except in certain pockets of metro area with the highest priced

For Boomers

Ask for more and get less

One of the biggest home selling myths is if a seller asks a little more for a home than it is worth they will get more for it.  If the home is worth 250K we will ask 285K and just let


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