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Vacant Vs Occupied

I just love empty rooms. To me they are full of possibilities. The room in the picture is just about perfect with fresh paint and shiny hardwood floors. There isn’t any dust or clutter and I don’t have any problem

For Boomers

Blooming trees

The trees are blooming. If you have a flowering tree in front of your home take a picture of it while it is in bloom. Have that photo included with photographs of your home when it is time to sell.

For Boomers

Clean and paint

I talked to a home seller who had been talked into replacing all of her kitchen appliances before putting her home on the market. None of the appliances she replaced were new but none of them needed to be replaced

For Boomers

It is either for sale or it isn’t

Lately I have been seeing “coming soon” signs in front of homes that are going to be put on the market. I don’t understand why home owners agree to let real estate agents use their homes as play things. We

For Boomers

Ha Ha Ha

I just got an email from Zillow stating that my home value has gone up. They have the value at about $50,000 more than it is worth . . . and by worth I mean what a buyer would pay

For Boomers

Less can be better

I have been on a mission for a few years now to have less. I want fewer things and less stuff. I don’t want to get up each morning and have to make so many choices as I get dressed


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