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First Time Home Buyers

Profile of home buyers in 2015

From a study conducted by the national association of Realtors about home buyers and sellers in 2015. Characteristics of Home Buyers First-time buyers made up 32 percent of all home buyers, down from 33 percent last year. The typical buyer

First Time Home Buyers

Electronic payment should never be mandatory

Up until a few months ago home buyers only had one way to pay earnest money and that was with an old school paper check. I have had a few buyers who have checking accounts but no paper checks. They had

First Time Home Buyers

Closing costs

First time home buyers are often surprised when they find out about closing costs. Those pesky fees are in addition to the down payment. Lenders will provide detailed information about what those costs are but here are a few examples:

First Time Home Buyers

Backyard chickens

Real estate is local and so are the regulations regarding backyard chickens. The regulations are at the city level. In some Minnesota cities backyard chickens are not allowed. In others they are only allowed on acreage.  In St. Paul chickens

First Time Home Buyers

Don’t forget to turn off the water

This tip is  mostly for new homeowners or for people who are new to Minnesota. It is almost time to turn off the water to the outdoor faucets and disconnect any hoses and put them away. It will be in

First Time Home Buyers

Recognizing a bargain

People, especially first time home buyers like a bargain, yet people don’t always recognize bargains when they see one. A home that is in perfect condition and newly remodeled in the neighborhood with the highest home values might be a


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