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First Time Home Buyers

Closings don’t always happen on time

By a closing I mean the closing of a sale of a home. If the buyer is using any kind of financing there will be a closing and a lot of things need to happen before the purchase can close.

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Agent, Broker, Realtor?

Last week a couple of home buyers asked me to explain what a real estate broker is. I have been asked that question before so I decided to write an article that I can use over and over again. A

First Time Home Buyers

Down payments

Yesterday I was reading some advice written for first time home buyers about how they can save up for a downpayment. The article had some great ideas but the  author stated that 20% down is common. Actually it isn’t common.

First Time Home Buyers

Going to an open house Sunday?

If you are going to an open house today here are a few tips: 1.  Take off your shoes when you enter. 2.  Sign in and give the nice real estate agent your contact information. He or she will follow

First Time Home Buyers

Supply and demand

The supply of homes on the market in St. Paul remains at an all time low, with about 738 homes for sale. However the demand is at an all time low at the end of the year so we actually

First Time Home Buyers

Heating your Minnesota Home

So far the weather has been warm for December but we still need to heat our houses. In Minnesota the type of heat and how much it will cost to heat a home each month is important information. Heating costs

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