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First Time Home Buyers

How to save a little money

I usually reserve these bits of wisdom for my children and my nieces but there are some fairly easy ways to save money. One way is to keep an older car instead of buying a news one. Cars are very

First Time Home Buyers

If it is open they will come

It isn’t true that if it is open they will come. Having open houses in homes that are for sale works very well in some neighborhoods and not so well in others. There are 83 open houses in St. Paul

First Time Home Buyers

Taking pictures inside someone else’s home

Most of the homes that are for sale can be found on the internet with pictures of the inside. More and more often when I take buyers to see homes for sale they want to take pictures of the inside

First Time Home Buyers

Questions home buyers ask

The internet and my wonderful phone make it easy for people to contact me and ask questions. I like to answer questions but I can’t answer them all. Some of the questions are so vague that I have to ask questions

First Time Home Buyers

Gas leaks in a home

Over the years I have had several home inspectors tell me that there may be a gas leak in the home that is being inspected. Often there isn’t a leak, or if there is it is a very small leak but

First Time Home Buyers

Electronic signatures

Electronic signatures on real estate contracts have become fairly common and yes they are legal in Minnesota. A few years back I recall that some lenders insisted that real estate documents that were signed electronically be resigned the old school


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