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Capturing history

The light rail construction is underway in downtown St. paul and I thought I would grab a few more shots before the snow comes.  The Rail line will run down 4th Street E.  The Union Depot building will serve as


Trick or treat

BY Jack Boardman – Guest Author “Trick or Treat, Money or Eats” It's been a very-long time since I made that call at every neighbor's home. It wouldn't have been quite so long had my parents not banned the “Money of


Sell it or rent it out

As I mentioned in September rentals have now been added to our MLS.  They are also available in the public MLS.  If you click on my home search button there is a new tab for rental properties. Currently there are


Minneapolis photos

  These photos were taken two weeks ago in Minneapolis, MN by the river.  It was a gorgeous weekend and it seems like everyone went out to play.  These were taken on Main Street SE and in Main street park. 

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Photos of St. Paul
Photos of St. Paul

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