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Downtown is different

Downtown St. Paul is really hopping these days with all the parks and events and the greenline and the new grocery store and the new ballpark which will be opening in May. Condo values have gone up but not quite


Capturing history

The light rail construction is underway in downtown St. paul and I thought I would grab a few more shots before the snow comes.  The Rail line will run down 4th Street E.  The Union Depot building will serve as


Trick or treat

BY Jack Boardman – Guest Author “Trick or Treat, Money or Eats” It's been a very-long time since I made that call at every neighbor's home. It wouldn't have been quite so long had my parents not banned the “Money of


Sell it or rent it out

As I mentioned in September rentals have now been added to our MLS.  They are also available in the public MLS.  If you click on my home search button there is a new tab for rental properties. Currently there are


Minneapolis photos

  These photos were taken two weeks ago in Minneapolis, MN by the river.  It was a gorgeous weekend and it seems like everyone went out to play.  These were taken on Main Street SE and in Main street park. 


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Photos of St. Paul
Photos of St. Paul

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