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Understanding downtown St. Paul

I found a condo at the Rossmor being advertised as just 5 blocks from the light rail.  At first I thought it was just a mathematical error but then I realized that if a person were to head south down


About the green line

While the light rail line known as the green line was under construction people kept asking about how the light rail line would impact property values. Downtown condo owners were pretty optimistic. I still don’t have a feel for how


Sidewalk dining

I wanted to do a “wordless Wednesday” but I am not very good at the wordless part. There is sidewalk dining and outdoor patio dining all around St. Paul. The picture is of E. 6th street in downtown St. Paul


Real estate is so local

Real estate really is local. I like to go to the neighborhood level. Downtown St.Paul is a great example of a local real estate market. It still takes longer to sell a downtown condo than it does to sell a


Parking and Condos

Sometimes real estate agents don’t know what it is they don’t know. Those who have never sold condos may not even realize they missed something important. Buyers should be doing their own due diligence. I once had an agent promise


Living downtown is a thing

If I were in Minneapolis I could just write the word downtown but if I am writing about downtown St. Paul I must specify. Living in downtown St. Paul is a thing even for people with pets and children. Renting a


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Photos of St. Paul
Photos of St. Paul

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