The Cathedral all lit up

Saint Paul cathedral
Saint Paul Cathedral – click on image to embiggen

Buildings are like people they don’t always look their best when photographed head on.  Last night they lit up the Cathedral of Saint Paul and it was such a lovely night that I stayed out and took pictures of it from a couple of different angles.  I also enjoyed the people watching. 

Wonderful Weather

Church of the Assumption on 7th Street St. Paul, MN

We are all waiting for the other shoe to drop in the form of cold and snow.  Each day that it doesn’t snow is one more day without snow.  It is going to be cold later this week but back up to 40 by Sunday.  As I write this we are at a record breaking 52 degrees.  Not bad for the 10th of January in Minnesota.  

A famous building

IMG 1645t edited 1 wm
Cathedral of St. Paul, Minnesota

I must have 20 pictures of this amazing church.  I took this one on Labor Day because I happen to be driving by and I liked the clouds and the light.  I parked and took the photo with what is called a prime lens.  Since prime lenses have no zoom I had to stand in this exact spot to get the entire building in the shot.  The photo is in “explore” on Flickr which is quite the honor it is like winning the Flickr lottery.  It is getting a lot of attention.  To be honest the Cathedral is such a beautiful building it is hard to mess it up.   If you have a camera and like to take pictures I highly recommend photographing the St. Paul Cathedral for fun . . and for profit.