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Small Business Saturday

I just want to remind you to shop small today if you shop at all. Shop one of the many small businesses in St. Paul. Maybe a bakery or a coffee shop of one of those give shops on Grand


Happy Thanksgiving 2015

Happy Thanksgiving I am grateful and thankful for everything in my life. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Easy Roast Turkey

Tomorrow is thanksgiving and there isn’t much that is easier to prepare and cook than roast turkey. Don’t let the news media scare you off as they spend the week giving turkey cooking tips and making it look harder than it

For Home buyers

Do homes sell Thanksgiving week?

Do homes sell during the holidays? Yes they do. Last year 3259 homes were sold in St. Paul. 59 of them got offers during Thanksgiving week. It is hard to tell how many got offers on black Friday because offers are not


The lead photo matters

When looking at photos of downtown condos on the internet sometimes several condos will have the same lead photo because they are in the same building and a picture of the exterior is being used to market them.  None of

For Boomers

7th Place

On the plaza at 7th Place in downtown St. Paul in front of the bruegger’s bagels there is a pay phone. Maybe it has been there for a long time and I just never saw it before. It does bring


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