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For Boomers

Ask for more and get less

One of the biggest home selling myths is if a seller asks a little more for a home than it is worth they will get more for it.  If the home is worth 250K we will ask 285K and just let

Local Market Conditions & home prices

Is the local real estate market healthy?

As someone who survived the crash of the housing market and the great recession as a Realtor®, I have to say that the housing market has come a long way since 2009-2011. There are far fewer foreclosures and home prices


Traditional office or loft style?

I have to smile when I read about new and innovative real estate companies.  Part of what makes them innovative is their office space. My office is at CoCo in downtown St. Paul. CoCo is a co-working or collaborative work

Mortgage & Finance

Contacting a lender

The first step in the home buying process isn’t looking for homes that are for sale. Getting pre-approved by a lender is the first step in the process. Offers on homes for sale need to include some kind of a

First Time Home Buyers

Did someone die in your home?

The older a home is the more likely it is that someone died in the home. I know my mother in law died at home as did my next door neighbor. I would never ask one of my clients if

Friday fun

Fair or unfair

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. I usually get to the Minnesota State Fair on opening day but that was yesterday and I did not get a chance to go. There are a lot of people who tell


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