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Marriage and home ownership

After same sex marriage became legal nation wide I started reading these articles about the possible impact on homeownership which kind of surprised me. Marriage has never been a requirement for home ownership. There are groups of people who have

Historic Homes

On the move

We lost several homes during the great recession. They were demolished. This home wasn’t demolished but is moving to the empty lot that used to belong to a home that was demolished during the housing market crash. I had to

Friday fun

Where will you watch the fireworks from?

It is Fridays and Fridays are for fun. I really do enjoy fireworks. I watch them every year. For several years they were launched down by the river and I would watch them from the highbridge right along side hundreds

Neighborhood Businesses

More historic preservation

People don’t always consider businesses when they think of historic preservation. This business restored the iconic sign that has been a kind of landmark in the area for decades. They did a wonderful job and it looks like a cleaner


Taking a walk

This is one of the little stone houses in St. Paul.  The Martin Weber house at 202 McBoal street was built in 1867, which makes it one of the older houses in St. Paul but not the oldest on the

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Overvalued real estate

Sometimes homeowners stop talking to me at all after I recommend a listing price for their home because they would rather work with an agent who has a higher price recommendation. Real estate agents know this and some will give


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Photos of St. Paul

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