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The TRID excuse

As a home buyer or seller maybe you have heard of TRID or maybe not. TRID is an acronym for a bunch of consumer protections laws that went into effect last year. Those laws require more disclosure to consumers about

First Time Home Buyers

Net worth gap widening

Homeownership isn’t right for everyone all the time, but for many in he long run it pays off. Right now average monthly rents are higher in St. Paul than the average house payment, making owning attractive to many.  

Friday fun

It has never been hot before

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. It has been hot the past few days and we have been reminded of that fact over and over via television, radio and of course the internet . I don’t think any records

For Home Sellers

sellers don’t let strangers in

If you have a for sale sign in front of your house and you see someone walking around outside and looking at it that doesn’t necessarily mean they are interested in buying it. They may even knock on the door

For Boomers

I wrote this ten years ago

This was written on July 20th 2006 before the great recession and the housing market crash. Back when many of us never imagined that houses would decrease in value they way they did in 2007 -2011: I am a baby boomer. 

For Home Sellers

How much do you owe?

If you plan to sell your house and you have a mortgage or mortgages on it, the first thing you should do it contact your mortgage company or companies and ask them “If I were to pay off my mortgage


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