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    Sometimes the neighbors ask me to find the right people to buy a house so that they have “good” neighbors. Sometimes the neighbors will help advertise a home as they try and find the right kind of people to be their neighbors.

    Realtors® can not help find the right kind of neighbors. For one thing the terms are kind of vague. I think all neighbors are wonderful until they prove otherwise. Then there are those fair housing laws. They are all about everyone having the same opportunities when it comes to buying and owning a home or even renting one.

    I have had home owners tell me that they don’t want to sell to “those people”. Usually I can convince them that one persons money is as good as another persons money.

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  • Low Inventory continues


    The chart shows the number of homes on the market over a ten year period. At the same time the chart below shows that home sales are strong. I suspect that if there were more homes on the market home sales would be even stronger. The demand for homes is high.

    Home sales in St. Paul

    If you have been thinking about selling your home you don’t have to wait until spring. It is unlikely home prices will go down this fall and there is generally less competition with other homes for sale in the fall.

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  • Open house open to theft

    shoesOpen houses are still fairly popular. There are sellers who believe that an open house is needed to sell a house. Open houses are not needed to sell a house or to sell it more quickly. They are wonderful though for real estate agents who are looking for “leads”. Open houses can also lead to dual agency if someone who comes through the open wants to buy the house and wants the agent holding the open to write the offer.

    An open house can also be a great opportunity for people to steal drugs from medicine cabinets and to find other valuables that they can take with them or that they can come back for later.

    Sometimes sellers leave tax returns and check books in the top drawer of their desk. Other times there are credit card or bank statements on the kitchen counter still in the envelope. Open houses can be a great opportunity for identity thieves.

    There might be a calendar on the wall that shows when the homeowner is going on vacation. People touring a home can learn all sorts of things about a person by reading their calendar.

    Sure your agent says he/she is going to watch everything but that isn’t the way it works. I have walked into many an open house where the agent is talking to someone near the front door and I am allowed to roam the home alone or with my clients.

    If you must have open houses please make sure your valuables are locked up or removed from the home.

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