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University Avenue

Welcome to the Frogtown Neighborhood. I took a bunch of photographs the other day near Western avenue on University. The area looks so different since the central corridor transportation project was completed. For people who are looking for things to

Friday fun

Less ice cream more beer

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. It was about a year ago that the Dairy Queen on West 7th street near the Xcel center became a parking lot. During the year more bar stools have been added to

First Time Home Buyers

Gas leaks in a home

Over the years I have had several home inspectors tell me that there may be a gas leak in the home that is being inspected. Often there isn’t a leak, or if there is it is a very small leak but

General Real Estate News

Radon awareness

My apologies for the dull topics this week but I am finding that there are people, even real estate agents who do not seem to be aware of the laws concerning radon and real estate transactions. Tomorrow I may write

First Time Home Buyers

Electronic signatures

Electronic signatures on real estate contracts have become fairly common and yes they are legal in Minnesota. A few years back I recall that some lenders insisted that real estate documents that were signed electronically be resigned the old school

First Time Home Buyers

Dual Agency

I have written several articles about dual agency over the years. I guess I don’t write about it very often because compared with the drama of home buying, selling and flipping on “reality” TV dual agency isn’t the most exciting real


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