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Local Market Conditions & home prices

Home Values Vs. Prices

When I talk with home owners we talk about home values but when I am working with people who want to buy a house we talk about prices. Home values and prices are trending up but they are not as high

For Home buyers

Some interest rates

I don’t often write about interest rates or mortgages because when I do this site attracts a lot of spam. Over the weekend I had a client who is first an foremost a friend ask me a bunch of questions


The river has it’s ups and downs

There is a ruler in the center of the picture and it was almost completely under water 3 months ago. The Mississippi River doesn’t seem to be as low as it was last year at this time but it is


Sneak Preivew

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. I thought I would give a sneak preview of some fall leaves incase anyone has forgotten how beautiful fall can be. it only lasts about a week and it will be stating

Home Improvement

Have the furnace serviced

Last year we had our furnace looked at before the heating season started which is why we were able to get it replaced before it got really cold out. I hate to sound like your father but it is a


Home inspector – Experience matters

Over the years I have been on a lot of home inspections with home buyers. I almost feel as though I can inspect a home myself . . . but of course I can’t because I am not qualified.  I often see


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