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Friday fun

There is no place like home

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. I am sure most people in St. Paul have heard of the Saint Paul Winter Carnival but have you heard of the Autonomous Snow Plow Competition? Yes there is such a thing


Foreclosures are down

We all know foreclosures are down. That is old news. They were alarmingly high for awhile now there are fewer but too many and there is help. Maybe 2016 will be like 2015 and we will see decreases each quarter.

For Home buyers

Good news for local real estate

“Minnesota created the most jobs in 2015. The state boasts a 3.5 percent unemployment rate and more than 40,000 jobs were added last year alone, with the largest employment gains centered in education and health, leisure and hospitality, and professional

For Home buyers

Local real estate numbers

Real estate is local and that is why I publish home sales and prices by St. Paul neighborhood each month. Here are some numbers for home sales in St. Paul over the last 12 months. I tried to answer the

Neighborhood Businesses

Saint Paul Neighborhoods

Each St. Paul neighborhood has it’s own personality. There are people in every neighborhood who will tell you their neighborhood is the best. I always find that amusing because my neighborhood really is the best. 😉 The people who live

St. Paul MN

Winter Carnival Parade

Always fun to go to the Winter carnival parade which is being held today from 2:00 to 4:00 PM. The parade starts on West 7th street at Smith avenue and goes East to Rice Park in downtown St. Paul. Always


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