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Smile you are on camera

The other day I was touring a home with some buyers when I noticed a camera on one of the book shelves. The camera was plugged in but I am familiar with the particular model and I don’t think anyone

For Home Sellers

Staging AND Photography

Every home should be staged before it is put on the market. Sometimes staging is just about re-arranging furniture and removing clutter and other times it is a lot more involved. Sometimes hiring a professional stager is the way to

Friday fun

Don’t miss it

It is Friday and fridays are for fun. Today I am just going to share some pictures of summer. I have been too busy to enjoy much of it and am looking forward to a camping trip in August and

For Home Sellers


We call it the “hogger” when a real estate agent sells a house and represents both the seller and the buyer. ¬†Some real estate agents will go to great lengths to get both sides of the sale because if there

For Home buyers

Mortgage lenders

I wish all Mortgage lenders were the same but they are not. Right now I have some clients working with a lender at USBank. The loan program is wonderful but the individual handling it is not. He told the borrowers


water runs with the property

In Minnesota water bills belong to the property. If you sell your home and there is an unpaid water bill the new owner will be responsible for paying it.  Usually when we close the seller signs a document agreeing to


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