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Residence in a residential area

It is so nice to see the renovated  Schmidt Brewery all lit up at night. There are people walking, biking and driving to and from the buildings. The brewery was vacant for a decade and it was lie a black


Robert street

Robert street is one of the original 15 streets that made up St. Paul in 1849. Did you ever who is was named after? Well wonder no more. It was named after Captain Louis Robert who was a French Canadian


The neighborhood with the beautiful houses

These lovely houses are located on the East side of St. Paul in the historic Dayton’s Bluff neighborhood.  That is where my family lived when I was a child.  Some of the most beautiful houses in St. Paul are in


NSP Program

The Neighborhood Stabilization Program is a live and well. There are a few homes available in St. Paul and some more on the way.  Homes are rehabilitated through this program and then resold. They don’t just slap a coat of


Brewery is now apartments for artists

Even with my wide angle lens I could not get it all in. The renovation of the Schmidt Brewery is in it’s final stages and many of the apartments are occupied. There are income limits and rents starting at $844


Old city new house

There is room for new construction in the older neighborhoods of St. Paul. This home is being constructed in the Mac Groveland neighborhood. There are those who seem to be apposed to anything new. There is already a variety of


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Photos of St. Paul
Photos of St. Paul

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