taking your house off the market

Sometimes home sellers change their minds and they want their home taken off the market before the contract with their real estate agent ends. In that case both parties, the real estate agent and the seller have to agree to cancel the contract. A real estate agent can say no to a contract cancellation.


Listing contract

During our current sellers market I have been offering shorter contracts for my clients. Most homes can be sold in less than three months so I offer a three month contract. When the contract expires if the home isn’t sold the seller can leave it off the market or re-list it with me or with someone else.

Keep in mind I do not get paid until the house is sold and the sale closes. It is possible to spend quite a bit of money and have a sellers change their minds.

Usually if a seller asks to cancel a contract I let them out of it without any hassle but I do not have to. A contract is a contract. People do change their plans or sometimes there is an illness or some other emergency that causes people to put their plans on hold.

I have occasionally started the conversation about canceling the contract myself. Sometimes I can not get the homeowner to cooperate and it compromises my ability to sell the home at a price that is usually higher than the value.

Selling a house without the owners cooperation is difficult. It is even spelled out in the contract that they need to grant access to people who want to see it and cooperate in other ways. Sometimes sellers want to list their home for a lot more than it is worth and they agree to future price reductions, but when the time comes they won’t reduce the price. Sometimes a homeowner agrees to certain repairs but they won’t make them and they want to price the home as if they did make the repairs.

The homeowners who get the most money for their home are often those who work with me and take an interest in the details of the process and the suggestions I make.

If the goal is to just take the home off the market for a few days or a few weeks there is an easy way to do that. The home can be made temporarily not available to show. In that status it will not how up on the internet as being for sale and real estate agents will not make appointments to see it or show it. The home can not be advertised as being for sale.

If you are working with an agent and you want to get out of the contract you will need to get the agent to agree. If the agent does not agree you may have to ride it out. Please read the contract before signing it.

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