Doctors and real estate agents

As hard as it is to imagine Doctors and real estate agents have a few things in common. There is a routine around visits with the doctor that are designed to help the doctor make the best use of his/her time.

We are sent to a waiting room and made to wait there until past our appointment time, and then we are taken to a little room where we sit clothes or unclothes and wait for the doctor.

None of that is for our convenience or so that we can get better medical care it is so the doctor and the clinic can make the most of the doctor’s time.

Real estate agents also sometimes operate with a certain set of procedures that do not necessarily good for the home seller or buyer but that are done so that the agent and real estate office can run at peak efficiency.

The services of both the doctor and the real estate agent are highly personal and can be expensive. Generally doctors will make us do it their way because they can. It has to do with supply and demand.

Real estate agents are plentiful and there are several qualified agents available at any given time to sell your house. Homeowners should always be asking why when an agent wants them to do something that doesn’t make sense.

Sometimes agents make decisions for their clients to kind of speed things up. I am amazed at how often that happens.

When it comes to convenience the homeowner should be in charge because they will be paying the commissions.

Homeowners should choose an agent who can be flexible and who respects the fact that the client is the boss. Sometimes that piece of paper does not have to be signed right now or ever and yes you can have your home in the MLS by tomorrow. If your agent can not do that, give me a call.

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