Types of air conditioning found in homes

Types of air conditioning

The chart is from the NorthstarMLS.  79% of homes listed have central air, 3% have wall air conditioners, 5% have window air conditioners, less than 1% have geothermal and 1% have ductless Mini-split and 12% of homes have no air conditioning.

For houses without the duct work the ductless mini-split is an attractive option . . at least is is more attractive than a wall or window unit with a small air handler/evaporator inside the house mounted on the wall and a condenser outside.

Real estate agents can search for homes based on the type of AC. The most common request is to search for homes with central air.

In Minnesota heating is also important. Most homes have central heating. either forced air or hot water. Homes without central heating may have baseboard electric type heat.

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