Basic question to ask real estate agents

Real estate agents like to talk about how many homes they sell each year. If you are hiring an agent I think it is more important to know if they will sell your home. One of the most important questions to ask an agent is how much experience they have.  New agents will charge as much as experienced agents.

New agents may not even know what it is they don’t know. It is a good idea to choose an agent who has been selling homes for at least a few years. It isn’t like there is a shortage of agents.

Don’t assume that because an agent is with a big well known company that they have experience. In fact real estate companies don’t sell real estate at all and real estate agents are independent contractors.

You might know you are working with an inexperienced agent if he or she can not answer basic questions about the home buying or selling process.


Roof tops as seen from the Pointe in downtown St. Paul
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