Two much stuff

boxesI still have too much stuff even though I have been on a mission to have less stuff. When I meet with people who are trying to move or to downsize they are often stressed out about how much stuff they have and what to do with it all.

If I could turn back the clock 20 years I would be more careful about what I purchase and I would think about getting rid of something before brining something new into the house.

Relatives have given me stuff that I don’t want and should have said no to. I recently acquired a bunch of stuff while helping my parents downsize. I tried to pawn some of it off on my children but so far I have not had any luck.

Having less stuff means being able to live more comfortably in a smaller house and sometimes smaller houses cost less which means more money for other things. Stuff not only takes up space in our homes but it takes up space in our heads when we have to think about moving it or storing it.

There is so little I have that I really need or even want and I am finding that I constantly want less instead of wanting more and somehow that just goes against the natural order of things and I end up with more anyway.

When I work with first time home buyers they sometimes tell me they don’t have enough stuff to fill all the rooms in a new home. I explain to them that they won’t have to work hard to fill up a house. It is far more of a challenge to keep a one room sparsely furnished or even to have an empty drawer or shelf.  Our stuff tends to take up as much room as we have.

Less really is more when it comes to stuff and the less we have the more options we have when it comes to housing.

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  1. DeeDee Riley says:

    Well said Theresa!!!

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