The phone test

phoneA couple of days ago someone who was standing in front of one of my listings decided to call the phone number next to my name on the for sale sign. I answered his call on the second ring. He was surprised.

I can not always answer that quickly and sometimes callers end up getting a voice mail message but it is very rare that anyone waits even an hour to have his or her phone call returned. If I am with clients I won’t answer the phone but as soon as I get back into my car I am returning calls.

My business phone is a cell phone number. It isn’t answered by a receptionist who puts callers into my voice mail if I don’t answer. There isn’t some electronic mail box I need to check for messages.

Answering the phone has become pretty rare in business but I still do it and if I were looking for a real estate agent to work with I think I would choose one who answers the phone. Phone calls are still a vital part of the home buying and selling process.

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One Reply to “The phone test”

  1. At some real estate class in the past I remember a speaker saying something like; “the faster you return someone’s call, the more seriously they think you take their business.”
    I’ve always remembered that saying and still try to live by it. If someone calls me I’m either going to answer or call them back as quickly as I can.

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