The selfie

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. Selfie was the word of the year last year which makes it kind of 2013 but selfies are still a thing even for people who are over 16.

There is some debate of weather selfies are the result of narcissism or if they are the cause of it. It is even possible that they are just a fad and don’t have anything to do with mental illness at all but no one has proved that either.

At any rate I have kind of missed out on the selfie thing. I like to take pictures with my camera and with my phone but I have never liked being in the pictures. . . but there are some exceptions. I like to photograph my shadow. Sometimes I photograph my own shadow with my dog’s shadow and in this case my camera is in the picture.

I remember being asked several years ago what is up with real estate agents plastering their faces all over business cards, for sale signs, property flyers, bus benches and bill boards. That was before the selfie’s were socially acceptable even for people over 16. We have come a long way. Maybe selfie will be the word of the year again this year.


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