The bathroom quiz

Bathrooms are so confusing. I recently talked with a buyer who wants a home with at least 1.5 bathrooms. In our MLS homes with a full bath and a half bath are listed as having 2 baths. There are no fractions.  A home with a full bath and a quarter bath is also a 2 bath home rather than a 1.25 bath home. A home with 2 full bathes or a full bath and a three quarter bath is also a 2 bath home.

However with each listing we do show what kind of bathrooms the 2 bathrooms are. For instance it will state that there is one full bath on the first floor and a quarter bath in the basement.  A quarter bath can be a single toilet, or sink or shower. You won’t know what the bath consists of until you see it in person.

The full bath is always a sink, tub and or shower and a toilet. If there is a tub and a separate shower stall it should be a 1.25  bath but it is still classified as a full bath. A three quarter bath is a shower, sink and toilet. one quarter is taken off because of the lack of bath tub. A half bath which is sometimes called a powder room, usually consists of a toilet and a sink but I have seen half baths where there is a shower and a toilet.

The strangest configuration I have ever seen is a home with 2 baths. One was a half bath with a sink and toilet and the other was a quarter bath with just a tub.


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