shades of beige

There are a ridiculous number of shades of beige.  Beige is my go to color when I need to choose paint to spruce up a home before selling it. the wonderful thing about beige is that it goes with most people’s stuff and it is easy to find carpet, tile or linoleum that looks good with it.  I don’t like to have every room painted the same shade of beige. In rooms with less light I use lighter shades and sometimes use a darker shade as an accent.

Beige isn’t as boring as white and it never goes out of style.  This years trendy colors are next years decorating disaster but beige is here to stay. Often builders use shades of beige and even brown in model homes. In fact sometimes we call various shades of beige builders beige or Realtors® beige.

If you don’t know which colors to choose for your own home or for a home you need to sell choose beige and consider hiring a professional painter. A perfect paint job will improve the resale value of any home new or old and grandma’s house too.



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