Noise and danger in the air

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun but Homeland security night time drills are not any fun.

There ought to be a law against terrorizing Twin Cities residents by flying very low over densely populated residential areas at night but there isn’t. If you live in these parts you probably heard it and saw it. Homeland security and “local law enforcement” had night time drills which involved flying helicopters as close to homes and buildings as they could from about 9:00 PM to Midnight Monday night and apparently last night too.

Of course we all know that no matter how close a black hawk  comes to a building there isn’t any chance what so ever that it could hit the building or my house and that no one goes to bed before midnight on a Monday night.  The copters flew terrifyingly low and the house shook and that dog hid in the shower.

It is hard to  faith in military or law enforcement that would use a residential area at night for  low flying drills. The whole thing has been loud and frightening and I question the judgement if the people or organization that approved the drills.




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3 Replies to “Noise and danger in the air”

  1. I agree. The city shouldn’t allow it. What are they practicing for? In case we get out of line one day!

    1. Teresa Boardman says:

      Maybe for civil unrest due to fear caused by low flying black hawks

  2. Monday – Blackhawks flew low between buildings.
    Wednesday – Parachuted into the Como Regional Park
    Thursday – Landed helicopters on 7th Ave with Police blocking the streets for them to pickup guys with guns.

    The 160th SOAR group is the same outfit that flew into Pakistan to get Osama Bin Laden. Places that the special forces go into now are well lit cities, not dark camp sites. Training in our cities is the best simulation.
    I am also on the fence about using a civilian area. Military bases have streets, baseball fields, lights at night. Why couldn’t they use them?

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