How is the market?

blazingstarPeople ask me how the local real estate market is these days. There are more homes on the market now than there were last January and there are more home sales each month.

The real estate market is a little bigger than it was a year ago and prices don’t seem to be going up as fast as they did last summer. It is still mostly a sellers market but not as much of one as we had last year.

We had a slower than average late winter and early spring because of the weather. Some home sellers are already asking me if they should list their homes now or wait until next spring. We do sell homes in the fall and the winter.

There are some advantages in selling a home over the holidays. There are fewer showings but a much higher percentage of them are serious buyers who are ready to buy right away.

How is the market? Wonderful! Home owners have equity and are ready to move and more first time home buyers have good jobs and people are retiring in record numbers and thinking about downsizing or moving to a warmer climate.

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