Home sellers from the 1980’s

ake-classified-ad-newspaper-business-conceptIf you have not bought or sold a house since the 1980’s or 1990’s you might be surprised at how different buying or selling a home is today than it used to be. The process has changed and so has the way we market homes for sale.

Newspapers stopped being the best way to advertise or find a home and most buyers look on the internet. With the internet we can provide color photographs of all of the rooms and narrative rather than just a black and white picture of the front and a bunch of abbreviations.

Most real estate agents are aware of how technology has changed selling real estate and so have most home buyers who get on the internet and start shopping months before they are ready to buy. However we still run into homeowners who don’t understand how the internet has changed how we market homes and look for a real estate agent who will market their home the old school way.

Advertising on the internet reaches a much larger pool of potential buyers then a newspaper ad or an open house. Home buyers are on the internet searching right now.

Selling in 2014 means using the internet and photography is more important than ever before and each picture really is worth a thousand words. Those pictures need to be on internet and on the sites where home buyers are searching for homes for sale.

They also need to be on the web sites that real estate agents use to search for homes because home buyers often work with real estate agents who find and recommend homes.

If you are working with a real estate agent to sell your home and you don’t see that agent advertising in the newspaper or holding open houses don’t panic. If your agent is responsive and answering phone calls and responding to email and advertising your home on the internet with stunning photography then your agent is doing what is needed to sell your St. Paul home in 2014.

It is the buyers who are dictating how homes are marketed and they expect to be able to shop for homes on the internet. Sellers who believe in the old ways can still find real estate agent who can help but there is not evidence that newspaper advertising or even open houses actually help sell a house.

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