Problem solving

rubiks_cubePeople sometimes wonder what real estate agents actually do. We spend a lot of time solving problems and finding answers. We are paid for our experience. As one of my clients put it last night “I have never sold a home before”.  Selling a home is not rocket science but it isn’t all that easy either.

Most of the problems that arise are fairly easy to solve and others are not so easy. Home sales always involve people and people do the strangest things. Just when I think I have seen it all someone does something unexpected and I get to figure out how to respond.

Sometimes I end up spending most of the day on the phone working with lenders or inspectors or with my clients trying to unravel some sort of a mess so that a home sale can close.

As a real estate agent I have learned something from each home sale because no two are the same and I take the lessons with me to the next one and each year I get a little better at solving problems for home buyers and home sellers.

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