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There isn’t a St. Paul neighborhood that I have not sold homes in. I have lived in St. Paul my entire life and I have been a Realtor® for the last 12 years.

A couple of weeks ago I listed and sold a home in Highland Park. When I first met the seller we discovered that we have a mutual friend. The friend did not recommend me to this particular seller because he thought I mostly sell homes downtown.

The Highland Park neighborhood is close to home and even though there are some big real estate companies with some big teams of agents who work exclusively in that neighborhood I haven’t had any trouble at all selling Highland Park homes. In fact in most cases they are easier to sell than homes in other neighborhoods.

What about Mac-Groveland? Not a problem I sell homes in that neighborhood too and it is close to home. I live in the Upper-town neighborhood which is part of the West 7th neighborhood and heck I have sold several homes in the area and a couple in the Irvine park neighborhood and oh yes I have sold some on the East side where I was born and raised.

Do I ever sell homes in the Como Park neighborhood?  Yes I do and every year I sell exactly one home in the Highwood Hills neighborhood which is actually a respectable market share considering how few sales there are in the area each year.

Hamline Midway and or Summit Hill? Yah you betcha! bring it on.

I could go on and on but you get the picture. I am not a generalist I do specialize in St. Paul but West St. Paul is about 2 miles away and I have sold some homes there too and in Minneapolis and South St. Paul and Mendota Heights, Roseville and Eagan too. Not to mention Woodbury and Maplewood.

If you have a home to sell don’t hesitate to ask. I am local and not part of a national chain so when you work with me you are buying local. Real estate companies do not sell real estate. Real estate agents are independent contractors who work on a 100% commission basis.

Instead of just reading my blog consider hiring me.

1683 Juno
1682 Juno
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