Water in the basement

Mississippi river

Water in the basement isn’t as unusual as you may think especially in the older homes in the city.  With the recent record breaking rain falls some homes have wet basements for the first time.

It is not at all unusual for a home that has been sold to take on water shortly before or after the sale. Buyers may go on a final walk through and see water or sellers may notice it before the closing.

Any time sellers see water in the basement they need to disclose it to the buyers. Buyers need to understand that even if they had a home inspected and there was no evidence of water in the basement and the sellers disclosure did not mention any water in the basement that does not guarantee that there won’t be water in the basement in the future like today even.

Most any home can spring a leak even if it has never leaked before especially during these record breaking rain falls we have been experiencing.

Sometimes a wet basement can be corrected with something as simple as adding gutters or caulking around basement windows or changing negative grading.  Some homes end up needs more expensive fixes like drain tiling. I have worked with clients who believe that all homes should be drain tiled which just isn’t true.

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