The Mighty Mississippi

river - downtown
Mississippi river

Welcome to the first day of summer in St. Paul where we will experience spring flooding. The river is rising because of all the rain. Yes it has been all over the news. This is what the river looked like near downtown during the spring floods of 2010. The river is supposed to crest either on the weekend of early next week depending upon where you get your news from.

The bike paths along the river on the Harriet Island side are likely to be underwater and Warner road is already partly closed. There are areas all over the state and all over town where there is some flooding. Try to stay dry this weekend and get out there and enjoy the summer events.

There is a lot going on this weekend. The antique car show at the fair grounds and the German festival at the Schmidt artists lofts in St. Paul and numerous other events that I mostly don’t have time for. 🙂

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