June real estate emergencies


June is the month for real estate emergencies.  It seems as though people just find themselves in St. Paul. I am not sure how that works because sometimes they don’t know until they day they get here that they are coming.

They need a real estate agent today and they want to look in St. Paul, Minneapolis and in a few suburbs for a house that does not exist because it has features that just are not found in the price range or neighborhoods where the out of towner wants to live.

I’ll go on record as saying I don’t handle real estate emergencies. I simply don’t have what it takes to drop what I am doing and go house hunting for houses that may not even exist.

Most of my clients put a lot of thought into home buying and they plan ahead. They usually know a year ahead of time that they are going to buy a house.

The first step when relocating is to find a real estate agent and then to start looking at homes on the internet. I usually start some searches on my end and begin the process of educating buyers on home prices and neighborhoods. Working together before we even meet saves a lot of time and gasoline.



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