Minnesota real estate agent

iPhotoI am a Minnesota real estate agent and have a Minnesota real estate brokers license which means I can sell real estate anywhere in Minnesota and I can have my own company or work under another broker. I can sell a business, raw land, investment property and work with rentals for a fee.

What people don’t always understand is that even though I can sell a liquor store in Taylor’s Falls I am the wrong person for the job. I sell residential real estate mainly in St. Paul. I am also comfortable selling duplexes and I have a lot of experience with condos and townhouses.

Some Minnesota real estate licensees work with people who want to rent apartments.  I do not. To be honest I can not afford to. Any real estate agent can act as a leasing agent but there are no really that many who do it for a living.

If you are looking to rent your best options are all over the internet. Our Realtors MLS has most of the homes for sale but only a small number of rentals.  There isn’t any go to site for apartments.

Real estate is local and in some states the real estate agent is the go to person when you are looking to rent but not here in Minnesota.  Not all real estate agents are up front about the fact that they have never worked with a lease and they don’t really understand them.

Over the years many people have come to me looking for commercial property and I have to refer them to someone who knows what they are doing because I don’t have much experience with commercial properties. Never assume that because someone has a license to do something that he or she can or will do it.


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