Just make an offer . .

It happens all the time. Buyers find a home they really love but it seems to be over priced. I tell my buyers the same thing every time. Please let me figure out what the market value of the home is and we can figure out what a fair offer is. There isn’t anyway to buy a house without making an offer. All too often buyers decide to wait for the price to drop and lose out on an opportunity because more savvy buyers made an offer in about the same amount that the price of the home would have gone down to eventually.

If the home is priced to high just offer less instead of walking away. If the seller says no just move on. Usually sellers will say no to a lower offer if it is made the day the home comes on the market. It is best to wait a few days before making an offer. Usually when an overpriced home has been on the market a couple of months sellers are more open to offers that are for less than the asking price.

Some sellers are underwater . . just like Harriet Island in St. Paul and they can not take an offer that is significantly less than what they are asking.

Harriet Island
Harriet Island

The river is supposed to crest today. The picture is a screen shot from a web cam.

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