you have that inspection

paintedladyIn the last couple of weeks I have heard of two instances where a real estate agent told a buyer that he does not need a radon inspection because supposedly no one has had a positive radon test in a certain St. Paul neighborhood.  For one thing I doubt many people have had radon tests during the last few decades and even if a radon test comes up negative for my house my neighbors house could have radon.

A home buyer recently asked me it he should have the sewer line from the house to the street inspected before buying the home. I suggested that he talk to his home inspector and get some help making that decision. Most buyers do not have the sewer line inspected unless there is some reason to believe there is a problem.

When buying a home don’t let anyone talk you out of any kind of inspection . . but also keep in mind that inspections that will harm the home generally are not allowed. Sellers do not have to make repairs and sometimes it is better for the buyers to make certain repairs themselves.

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