Buying new construction?

newconstructionDuring the great recession and the crash of the housing market there wasn’t much new construction so it has been awhile since i have written about buying new construction. The last article I wrote about it was in 2006.  That seems like a life time ago.

In the last couple of years we are starting to see more new construction because once again there is a demand for it.

There are some things people need to understand about buying new construction. For one thing you should get help from your own Realtor. The person in the model home of the sales trailer represents the seller.

I have had a few clients buy new construction on their own because they did not know I could help them. I can help negotiate better terms and for those who have never bought a home or new construction working with me means having some expert help and advice rather than being sold upgrades and best of all there is no fee added on for my services.

New construction usually costs more than comparable housing in the area and so it is especially important that people who buy it are planning on staying put.

If you are looking at new construction and walk into an open house or a model let the agent know right away that you have your own agent if you are working with an agent as soon as you talk with them or sign a guest register. The new construction sales agent should be giving you a copy of the Minnesota agency disclosure which explains agency in detail and the fact that the agent is representing the seller.

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