Is your offer an insult?

bestdealSeriously I never look at an offer as an insult and neither should buyers or sellers. Buyers who offer a lot less than the asking price either can not afford the home at it’s current price, can afford the home but believe that the sellers are over charging for it or they are merely trying to find the sellers bottom line.

When I work with buyers I am happy to present the “low ball” offer as if it is the best offer ever. That takes some of the insult out of it. When I work with sellers I encourage them to use that low offer as a starting point and that even though they are emotionally invested in their home they need to treat the sale like the business transaction that it is.

In business people rarely find the offer of money to be an insult unless someone decides to take it personally. Buyers should go ahead and make that offer and have their agent find a list of comparable homes that sold for a similar amount in the past few months. If it is presented in a logical business like manner there isn’t any reason for the sellers to be insulted especially considering they can just say no to the offer.

Buyers are looking for the best deal and sellers are trying to get the best offer. There is bound to be a little friction but no one needs to feel insulted.

If your real estate agent is worried about insulting someone or making a low ball offer on your behalf just give me a call. It is easier for an agent to write a full priced offer than it is to work through a lower offer which I think causes some to shy away from it.

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