Which website is best?

Even though real estate is local there is a ton of money to be made by creating a national real estate website with homes for sale which is why there are so many sites. The competition to be the go to site for home shoppers is huge.  The site that wins gets a ton of traffic and lots and lots of advertising revenue from real estate agents.

Companies compete with each other to get real estate agents to advertise on their websites and to populate it with homes for sale. Sometimes they use negative advertising campaigns to make it seem like they care more about accurate information and about what they call ‘user experience” than we do.

None of the web sites will help home buyers actually buy a home. In fact these sites are not for home buyers they are for home sellers, real estate agents and the companies that own the web sites. The real estate industry uses homes for sale to capture leads. Which is why there is out of date and downright false information about homes for sale published on the internet.

graphic website traffic
Real estate website traffic

If you need to look up a home that you know is for sale to get more information about it you can usually find it through a Google search. Savvy Minnesota home buyers can beat out home buyers who are shopping on national sites by shopping for homes on local sites like this one and many choose to use a Realtor® not just for help with the home search but also for help purchasing a home.

* data from Inman news

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