Temporarily not available


Right now the inventory of homes on the market in St. Paul is pretty low. There are 893 active listings of single family homes which includes condos and townhouses for sale in the city.

196 of those 893 homes have offers on them that are contingent on inspections, or the sale of another home or third party approval or some other contingency which leaves 697 homes on the market right now with no offers on them.

There are also 178 homes on the market that are in the TNAS (Temporarily Not Available for Showing) Considering how few homes are on the market that is a significant number of homes that are for sale but that do not show up when buyers are searching for homes on the internet.

We use the TNAS status when the homeowner does not want to let anyone in. Sometimes someone in the house is sick and other times they are having a family celebration like a birthday party or graduation or they are having overnight guests. Other times the status is used because the home needs repairs.

Sometimes homes are listed before the seller is ready and they are put in the TNAS status and other times the Realtor® needs time to measure the rooms and get some of those lovely photographs taken.

There is no limit to how long a home can be kept in the TNAS status and there are some that go in and out of the status for weeks or months.

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