Many views

numbersThere are some bill boards around town that advertise the fact that real estate listings on a certain real estate web site get a lot of views which is true but for some reason the company doing the advertising is leaving out the fact that you can list your home with any local Realtor® and it will appear on the web site being touted as the site that gets all the views.

To be honest we don’t even have any numbers or know if their is a correlation between the amount of views a home gets on the internet and how quickly it sells. We just know that we need to advertise on the internet because that is where buyers search for homes for sale.

There are also some advertisements out there about how many homes a certain company sells. They don’t include any kind of a breakdown but I suspect that with most of those sales their are two real estate agents involved. One representing the seller and another representing the buyer.

If there are two agents involved in a real estate sale isn’t the agent who represents the buyer the agent who is responsible for the sale or is it the agent who lists the home?

It is half truths in advertising that keeps the real estate industry chugging along but I think we could do just as well educating consumers so that they can make informed decisions. Lets face it most if not all real estate agents should be putting your home on the internet and marketing it on the internet and when they do it will end up on the real estate company web site that gets the most clicks.


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