Ask an expert

blueprints2As a real estate agent my expertise is limited. People ask me all sorts of questions that they should be asking of someone who is qualified to give a correct answer. Last week an agent asked me if a drain pipe that is above ground could be buried.  Honestly I have no idea and neither does the home owner.

If I said yes it could be done and the buyer bought the home and found out it could not be done I am sure I would be the person held responsible.

No I don’t really know if a bathroom could be put where the closet is now or if the washer and dryer can be put in the kitchen. It is better to ask the appropriate contractor and get some estimates. Sometimes an expert can give home buyers some pros and cons to the ideas that they have.

Most homes have something about then that perspective buyers do not like and some of those things can be fixed or changed and some can not. Do not rely on the home sellers or the real estate agents for advice on how to best modify a home. Have a licensed contractor look it over and give an estimate and advice.


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