Don’t let your license expire

expiredAttention real estate agents and brokers. Lets not forget that Continuing education or what we lovingly refer to as CEU’s are due by the end of June and some real estate companies require that agents get it done even sooner. This is our business time of year. We used to be on an honor system but now CEU is tracked electronically.  Last year an agent had her license suspended pending completion of CEU and her broker stated that it wasn’t his job to track it.

It is the brokers job to make sure that each licensee has a license and that the license is renewed and to have it renewed each agent needs at least 30 CEU credits and there are required modules. As a license broker I need additional credits.

Two years ago a local broker forgot to get their own license renewed and as a result all agents in that company became unlicensed. Agents please protect your self by checking your own credits through pulse portal and keep an eye on your broker too.

When an agent or brokers license expires  he or she loses access and it is of course illegal to represent another for a fee in a real estate transaction without a real estate license unless you are an attorney.


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