What about the bathroom?

Most of the time home sellers love the photographs I take of their homes but several times I have been asked why I did not take more pictures of the bathrooms. Sometimes I don’t take any. The reason why is because the photographs we take of homes for sale are for marketing them which is not the same as documenting all of the rooms. Sometimes the bathroom is so small that it is almost impossible to do more than show a doorway and some cabinets.

Sometimes I can get a good photograph but in most cases it isn’t the bathroom that is going to sell the home. It is the kitchen or the family room or some other feature and that is the room or feature that I want to have the most photographs of because that is what will bring buyers into the house and that is my job.


This is a bathroom in a 1920’s home. It is small but it was worthy of a couple of photographs. I have a few other angles but decided to use this photo because it shows the paint and the tile and that there are windows and because the seller had flowers in the room. I left the toilet seat up which is something I never do because in this case it shows where the toilet is.

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