Welcome to downtown St. Paul

The downtown St. Paul Condo market has recovered along with the rest of the city.  Currently, there is a 3.5 month supply of homes for sale in St. Paul and a 5 month supply of condos on the market downtown.

The Median sale price is higher downtown than it is in the rest of the city. Currently, $147K in the median for St. Paul and $162K is the Median for downtown.  Right now there are just 37 units on the market downtown and they range in price from  75,000 to 1.2 Million.

I love downtown and over the years I have gotten to know each condo building. They are like little neighborhoods or communities. There is a lot of excitement about the Greenline, the Union Depot, the new Lund’s store and of course the new ball park. Personally I love the parks and the Farmer’s market.

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