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houseWhat happens when the buyer does not need to buy and the seller does not have to sell? Simple there is no sale. At least one party needs to be motivated or the whole thing kind of caves in. I do my best to avoid listing the homes of people who just kind of want to sell. it isn’t at all unusual to work with a home buyer who does not have to buy but is looking for that perfect home.

As a buyer you can tell that the seller isn’t motivated. Here are some red flags:

  1. The home has been on the market for six months
  2. The home has been on the market for several months with no price reduction.
  3. The owner has a lot of rules about when buyers can see the house.
  4. The owner has a for sale by owner sign in front and is over pricing the home.

There are other signs but these are the obvious red flags. Sometimes people just want to kind of try it out to see what will happen.

It can work out if at least one party is motivated.

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