The 1980’s called and . .

The 1980’s called and they want the wall paper back. There are homes on the market with 1980’s style kitchens and those homes do sell. Some of those kitchens are beautiful but the wall paper borders have to go and so does the flowery wall paper and the matching curtains. Go ahead and get upset with me but if you have a home to sell you will get more money for it if you can sell it quickly.  You can sell it quickly if you list it at a bargain basement price or you could remove wall paper and paint the rooms in neutral tones.

The gold sculpted carpet has to go and so does the powder blue plush carpet no matter how well it coordinates with the blue wall paper border with the ducks on it . . you know the ducks with the ribbons around the neck.


It doesn’t cost that much to do a little painting and have the wall paper removed. It is a great investment especially when all of the other 1980’s style homes in the neighborhood that are on the market have that wall paper border and the country kitchen colors.

There is gold in that wall paper if you take if off the walls before you put your home on the market,

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